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  Document BAE-1526 Natural Stream Restoration and Enhancement

By Jeri Fleming, Jason Vogel and Alex McLemore. This Fact Sheet will describe the make-up of a stream corridor, common conventional stabilization techniques, the natural stream restoration and enhancement process with specifics of the design component, and an example of natural stream restoration in Oklahoma.

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  Document L-311 Protect Riparian Areas for the Illinois River

This brochure discusses the importance of protecting streams, creeks, and other riparian areas. Reviewed July 2013.

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  Document L-346 Responsible Lawn Care: Protection for Your Creek or Lake

By Hailin Zhang and Mike Smolen. This brochure discusses how to properly care for your lawn, while protecting the environment. Reviewed May 2014.

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  Document NREM-9208 Understanding Streams

By Marley Beem. This fact sheet gives landowners the essential information needed to understand how streams work so problems such as streambank erosion and flood damage can be avoided. Reviewed September 2016.

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