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  Document AGEC-1018 Understanding the Different Kinds of Water Addressed by Oklahoma's Water Law

By Shannon Ferrell, Damian Adams, Michael Kizer, Dave Engle, and Cody Ott. This fact sheet discusses the different kinds of water laws in Oklahoma. Reviewed April 2017.

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  Document AGEC-1021 Oklahoma Diffuse Surface ("Runoff") Water Law and Rules

By Shannon Ferrell, Damian Adams, Michael Kizer, Dave Engle, and Cody Ott. This fact sheet discusses Oklahoma diffuse (or runoff) water laws. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document AGEC-1043 Understanding General Stream Adjudications

By Jeri Fleming, Shannon Ferell, and Mike Langston. This fact sheet analyzes how a general stream adjudiation works in Oklhaoma, and discusses whether these cases will affect your water rights.  Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document AGEC-1054 The Economic Value of Sportfishing Trips to Oklahoma Lakes

By Richard T. Melstrom, Deshamithra Jayasekera, Corey Jager and Tracy Boyer. This fact sheet summarizes a recent study on the value of sportfishing trips in Oklahoma and the impact of lake conditions on anglers.

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  Document AGEC-1057 Water-based Recreation in Oklahoma: Water Rights, Valuation and Implications for Public Policy, Economic Development and Management

By Tracy Boyer, Larry Sanders, Richard Melstrom, Art Stoecker and Shannon Ferrell. This fact sheet will provide a brief overview of the water-based recreation resources in the state and scientific estimates of the economic value of Oklahoma water in alternate uses.

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  Document Document AGEC-1064 State Question 777: A Proposed Constitutional Amendment

By Shannon Ferrell and Larry Sanders. This fact sheet discusses the current and proposed change impacting Oklahoma's farming rights.

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  Document BAE-1532 Agricultural Irrigation with Reclaimed Water: Oklahoma Regulation

By Saleh Taghvaeian and Patrick Fox. Things to consider when planning to reuse water for irrigation include; source water quality, source water quantity, crop selection, soil conditions, method of irrigation, economics, potential health effects and existing regulations (EPA, 2012). This fact sheet focuses on Oklahoma regulations.

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  Document E-1030 Whose Water Is It Anyway?

By Michael Smolen, Aaron Mittelstet, and Bakki Harjo. This circular compares the water rights frameworks of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document L-310 Protect the Illinois River from the Threat of Trash

This brochure discusses the effects, laws, and what you can do about illegal dumping. Reviewed July 2013.

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  Document WREC-104 Introduction to Groundwater Hydrology and Management

By Garey Fox, Saleh Taghvaeian and Larry Sanders. This fact sheet reviews the fundamentals of groundwater flow and hydrology, and introduce key terms necessary for adequately understanding groundwater use and management.

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