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  Document AGEC-1054 The Economic Value of Sportfishing Trips to Oklahoma Lakes

By Richard T. Melstrom, Deshamithra Jayasekera, Corey Jager and Tracy Boyer. This fact sheet summarizes a recent study on the value of sportfishing trips in Oklahoma and the impact of lake conditions on anglers.

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  Document AGEC-1057 Water-based Recreation in Oklahoma: Water Rights, Valuation and Implications for Public Policy, Economic Development and Management

By Tracy Boyer, Larry Sanders, Richard Melstrom, Art Stoecker and Shannon Ferrell. This fact sheet will provide a brief overview of the water-based recreation resources in the state and scientific estimates of the economic value of Oklahoma water in alternate uses.

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  Document AGEC-1063 Algal Blooms in Oklahoma: Economic Impacts

By Tracy Boyer, Brannon Daniels and Richard Melstrom. This fact sheet provides information about algal blooms at lakes and their potential economic impacts.

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  Document L-310 Protect the Illinois River from the Threat of Trash

This brochure discusses the effects, laws, and what you can do about illegal dumping. Reviewed July 2013.

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