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  Collection Fisheries Management 4
  Collection Groundwater 25
  Collection Ponds and Reservoirs 18
  Collection Riparian Areas 4
  Collection Streams, Rivers, In-stream Flows 4
  Collection Terrestrial Ecosystems 7
  Collection Water Gardens 6
  Document HLA-6454 Sustainable Landscapes: Designing a Rain Garden for Residential Property

By Qing Lana Luo, David Hillock and Michael Holmes. This fact sheet discusses the components, design, construction, benefits and plant selection for rain gardens.

2 MB
  Document L-420 Water Quality Testing and Fish Health

By Marley Beem and Hailin Zhang. This brochure discusses how water quality can affect the health of fish. Reviewed September 2016.

630 KB
  Document L-447 Phosphorus Removal Structures

By Chad Penn. This leaflet discusses methods, cost and design of phosphorus removal structures. These structures help the environment by removing phosphorus before it reaches waterways.

950 KB
  Document L-466 Aquatic Herbicides: Essential Information for New Applicators

By Marley Beem. This leaflet aims to highlight important things to know when using aquatic herbicides. This is a quick reference to the most important issues when using aquatic herbicides.

2 MB
  Document NREM-9211 Pond Plants: Weeds or Beneficial?

By Marley Beem. This Fact Sheet aims to help rural and urban pond owners maintain the right amount and types of plants so they can enjoy a pleasing pond appearance, better fishing and longer pond life.

4 MB
  Document NREM-9213 Toxic Blue-Green Algal Blooms

By Marley Beem and Elisabeth Giedt. This fact sheet discusses blue-green algal blooms and the toxic effects on animals. 

65 KB
  Document NREM-9214 Midges, Mosquitoes and Ponds

By Marley Beem. This Fact Sheet details reasonable steps to reduce midge and mosquito problems.

307 KB
  Document NREM-9215 Key Facts for Prospective Aquaponics Producers

By Marley Beem. This fact sheet discusses important information about aquaponics, which combines indoor culture of fish with the production of plants, most often vegetables or herbs.

241 KB