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  Collection Climate Variability 1
  Collection Drought 26
  Collection Oklahoma Mesonet 0
  Collection Plant Breeding and Genetics for Drought/Stress Tolerance 0
  Document AGEC-1012 Food Conservation and Energy Act of 2008: Disaster Assistance Programs

By Jody Campiche and Michael R. Dicks. This fact sheet discusses farm legislation introduced in 2008. The broadest of these disaster assistance programs and of greatest interest to most producers is Supplemental Revenue Assistance (SURE), to assist with farm revenue losses due to natural disasters. Reviewed February 2013.

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  Document Document BAE-1529 Evaporation Losses from Shallow Water Bodies in Oklahoma

By Saleh Taghvaeian and Al Sutherland. This Fact Sheet provides a brief review of available methods for estimating free-water evaporation losses. It then presents evaporation estimates for shallow water bodies in Oklahoma, using the pan evaporation method and monthly Mesonet data.

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  Document BAE-1533 Drought and Its Impact on Agricultural Water Resources in Oklahoma

By Kul Khand, Saleh Taghvaeian and Ali Ajaz. This fact sheet discusses the impact drought has on agriculture.

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  Document BAE-1534 Minimizing Stormwater Runoff by Disconnecting Residential Downspouts

By Nelly Ruiz, Jason Vogel and Saleh Taghvaeian. Through downspout disconnection, rooftop runoff is reduced and the flow of stormwater is diverted to the permeable areas of the property to disperse and infiltrate rain water. It is a simple, inexpensive and low-maintenance stormwater control measure.

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  Document BAE-1536 Bioretention Cell Design Guidance for Oklahoma

By Alex McLemore, Jason Vogel and Saleh Taghvaeian. This fact sheet discusses bioretention cells (BRC), which are shallow landscape features that capture stormwater runoff. They utilize biological and physical processes to improve stormwater quality and hydrology of a site.

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  Document HLA-6612 Turf Irrigation Water Quality: A Concise Guide

By Justin Moss and Michael Kress. This Fact Sheet helps turf managers assess their irrigation water by using four key water properties that are listed on water reports and four key soil properties listed on soil salinity and texture reports.

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  Document L-453 What is the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

By Al Sutherland, Peter Tomlinson, Mary Knapp and Amber Campbell. Our communities and farms are affected by short-term weather events. Their long-term sustainability is affected by climate and climate variability attributed to natural processes and human activities. This leaflet discusses these differences.

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  Document L-458 Water-wise Landscape Principles

This brochure includes the seven Water-wise Landscape Principles. These are designed to reduce water usage in home landscaping.

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