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  Document AGEC-1017 Water Rate Structure: A Tool for Water Conservation in Oklahoma

By Tracy Boyer, Larry Sanders, Damian Adams, Christopher Boyer and Mike Smolen. This fact sheet provides information on average water rates and rate structures, including conservation pricing, in Oklahoma and presents some pricing alternatives that might help manage water use. Revised June 2015.

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  Document BAE-1530 Irrigated Agriculture in Oklahoma

By Saleh Taghvaeian. This fact sheet provides a comprehensive picture of the state of irrigated agriculture in Oklahoma.

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  Document BAE-1536 Bioretention Cell Design Guidance for Oklahoma

By Alex McLemore, Jason Vogel and Saleh Taghvaeian. This fact sheet discusses bioretention cells (BRC), which are shallow landscape features that capture stormwater runoff. They utilize biological and physical processes to improve stormwater quality and hydrology of a site.

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  Document BAE-1758 Understanding Stormwater Runoff and Low Impact Development (LID)

By Jason Vogel, Ashley Stringer, and Marly Beem. This fact sheet discusses stormwater runoff and how low impact development as a management approach can reduce the runoff into sewer systems and improve the use of rainwater. Reviewed June 2015.

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  Document CR-6609 2015 Commercial Sources of Buffalograss Seed, Sod and Plugs

By Dennis Martin, Justin Moss, David Hillock, and Greg Bell. This current report has a list of commercial sources of buffalograss seed, sod and plugs. Revised March 2015.

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  Document E-1037 Drought-Tolerant Plant Selections for Oklahoma

By Courtney Keck, Samantha Snyder, Hannah Wahlmeier, Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder, Mike Schnelle and Justin Moss. This circular discusses drought-tolerant plants, including, height; width; season of interest; and light, water and soil requirements for each plant listed.

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  Document E-1038 A Guide to Saving Water in the Home Landscape

By Malarie J. Gotcher, John M. Schroeder, Courtney L. Keck, Samantha J. Snyder, David Hillock, Kyle A. Jarman, Jason R. Vogel, Mike Schnelle, Dennis L. Martin, and Justin Q. Moss. This circular is a guide to saving water in your home landscape. It includes information on designing your yard, watering, mulching, plant selection and soil improvement.

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  Document HLA-6445 Smart Irrigation Technology: Controllers and Sensors

By Malarie Gotcher, Saleh Taghvaeian and Justin Moss. This fact sheet discusses soil moisture sensors, along with other technology to make the most of water usage as well as benefitting the environment and the beautification of your landscape.

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  Document HLA-6454 Sustainable Landscapes: Designing a Rain Garden for Residential Property

By Qing Lana Luo, David Hillock and Michael Holmes. This fact sheet discusses the components, design, construction, benefits and plant selection for rain gardens.

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  Document L-332 Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

By David Hillock and Michael Holmes. This brochure discusses principles of xeriscape gardening. Reviewed July 2014.

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  Document L-333 Xeriscape Garden Plants

By David Hillock and Michael Holmes. This brochure discusses the various low water demanding plants to be used in xeriscape gardening. Reviewed July 2014.

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  Document L-433 Plant Selection Factors

By Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder and Justin Q. Moss. This brochure discusses the five plant selection factors when choosing plants for your landscape.

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  Document L-438 Water Saving Design Ideas for Oklahoma Landscapes

By Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder and Justin Q. Moss. This booklet provides six different landscape designs all differing in general concept and in array of plant selection and planting strategy.

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  Document L-444 Lawn Watering Tips

By Alexandra Mullock, Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder, Saleh Taghvaeian, and Justin Moss. This leaflet gives tips on how to water your lawn for the best effects, all while conserving water.

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  Document L-450 The Water Conservation Garden

This leaflet discusses how to conserve water in gardens, including landscape planning, soil quality, turfgrass management, plant selection, mulching and irrigation.

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  Document L-458 Water-wise Landscape Principles

This brochure includes the seven Water-wise Landscape Principles. These are designed to reduce water usage in home landscaping.

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