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  Document AGED-1056 Benefits and Concerns Associated with Aerobic Treatment Systems (ATS)

By Kasie Stambaugh, Tracy Boyer and Garey Fox. This fact sheet discusses Aerobic Treatment Systems, which are viewed as a beneficial water conservation method because they recycle treated wastewater for outdoor irrigation.

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  Document B-819 DEQ/OSU Soil Classification Manual

This bulletin provides information for identifying key soil characteristics for design and sizing of individual and small public on-site sewage treatment systems. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document L-313 Maintain Your Septic System for a Healthy Illinois River

This brochure discusses the differenty types of septic systems, how they work, and the proper way to maintain them. Reviewed July 2013.

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  Document L-430 Land Buyers' Septic System Guide for Oklahoma

By Sergio Abit. This leaflet is meant to be a septic systems guide for initial screening of potential properties to buy.

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  Document Oklahom*A*Syst Worksheet #3: Household Wastewater: Septic Systems and Other Treatment Methods

This worksheet is for homeowners or tenants who have septic systems buried in their yeards. It discusses design, location, and maintenance of the septic system. Reviewed June 2014.

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  Document PSS-2271 Soil-based Septic System Decisions in Oklahoma

By Sergio Abit, Jr. This fact sheet discusses septic system decisions for Oklahoma, keeping soil qualities in mind.

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  Document PSS-2275 Aerobic Treatment System

By Sergio Abit and John Jones. This fact sheet discusses the installation of aerobic treatment systems, the processes taking place in each component as well as maintenance tips to keep the system in working order.

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  Document PSS-2407 Septic System Basics for Home Builders

By Sergio Abit and Nicholas Huber. This Fact Sheet will focus on the following key topics of septic systems that are useful to homebuilders and their clients: 1) homebuilder responsibilities; 2) important site and soil properties; and 3) various permissible systems.

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  Document PSS-2408 Septic Stem Basics for Realtors

By Sergio Abit and Larry Boyanton. This Fact Sheet will focus on the following key topics about septic systems that are useful to realtors when advising clients: 1) septic system basics; 2) important information for land buyers; 3) important information for home buyers; and 4) various permissible systems.

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  Document PSS-2913 On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems Permitted in Oklahoma

By Sergio Abit, Jr. This Fact Sheet is focused on specific information about design and treatment of septic wastewater for each of the five different systems permitted in Oklahoma.

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  Document PSS-2914 Keep Your Septic System in Working Order

By Sergio Abit, Jr. This Fact Sheet presents simple maintenance tips that apply to any type of system as well as suggestions for maintenance of particular systems.

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