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  Document CR-9202 Grass Carp for Pond Weed Management

By Marley Beem. This current report describes how grass carp can be used for weed management in ponds. Reviewed May 2014.

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  Document CR-9205 Fingerlings for Pond Stocking

By Marley Beem. This fact sheet provides a listing of fingerling and fish farming suppliers.Reviewed May 2014.

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  Document L-420 Water Quality Testing and Fish Health

By Marley Beem and Hailin Zhang. This brochure discusses how water quality can affect the health of fish. Reviewed September 2016.

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  Document NREM-9209 Improve Fishing in Your Pond

By Marley Beem. This fact sheet provides information needed to make good choices to improve fishing in your pond, rather than eliminating all fish and starting over. It discusses desirable and undesirable fish species for ponds, ways to assess fish population problems, and size limits and other means of correcting or maintaining the balance between predator and prey species. Reviewed March 2013.

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