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  Collection Animal Waste and Nutrient Management 25
  Collection Land Use Practices Related to Water Quality 19
  Collection Septic Systems 11
  Collection Soil and Water Testing 23
  Collection Storage, Handling and Disposal of Hazardous Materials 15
  Collection Stormwater Management Practices 7
  Collection Water Quality for the Green Industry/Nurseries 8
  Collection Water Wells/Drinking Water 41
  Document ANSI-8219 Proper Disposal of Routine and Catastrophic Livestock and Poultry Mortality

By Josh Payne. This fact sheet gives descriptive information on how to properly dispose of dead animal carcasses. Revised April 2010

407 KB
  Document L-256 Livestock and Poultry Drinking Water Quality: Understanding Your Water Test Report

By Hailin Zhang. This brochure discusses water testing for livestock and poultry, and how to interpret the results. Revised June 2016.

1009 KB
  Document L-439 Water Use by Eastern Redcedar

By Chris Zou, Rodey Will, Donald Turton and David Engle. This brochure discusses the use of water by redcedars, and how it affects the water quality and quantity of watersheds.

1 MB
  Document NREM-5034 Water Quality Series: Riparian Forest Buffers

By Steven Anderson and Ron Masters. This fact sheet is intended to identify the benefits of riparian areas, describe the various riparian systems in Oklahoma, and suggest appropriate management practices to help maintain them.

1 MB
  Document WREC-103 Hydraulic Fracturing and Domestic Water Issues

By Michael Langston, Robert Puls, Shannon Ferrell and Hailin Zhang. This fact sheet addresses questions about hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking"), such as the chemicals used, and the use of this proceedure near groundwater wells.

295 KB