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  Document E-1008 Smoke Management for Prescribed Burning

By John Weir and J. D. Carlson. This circular discusses the main goals of smoke management; reducing emissions from fire, improving dispersion of smoke, and making sure smoke plumes do not affect smoke-sensitive areas. Reviewed May 2014.

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  Document Document E-1010 Oklahoma Prescribed Burning Handbook

By John Weir, Dwayne Elmore, Terrence Bidwell, David Engle, J.D. Carlson, and Samuel Fuhlendorf. This circular discusses prescribed burning techniques used to safely and effectively manage your land. Revised April 2014.

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  Document E-1025 Burning in the Growing Season

By John Weir, Dwayne Elmore, Ryan Limb, David Engle, Brady Allred, Terrence Bidwell, and Samuel Fuhlendorf. This circular discusses burning during the growing season, and how it can extend the time-frame of prescribed burns. Reviewed July 2014.

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  Document E-927 Using Prescribed Fire in Oklahoma

By Terry Bidwell, John Weir, J.D. Carlson, Ron Masters, Sam Fuhlendorf, Jack Waymire, and Steve Conrady. This circular contains an overview of using prescribed fire in Oklahoma, types of prescribed fires, and a fire plan worksheet. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document E-990 Influence of Timber Harvest and Fire Frequency on Plant Community Development, Wildlife, and Livestock

This document discusses a project that evaluated a range of forestry, range management and wildlife management practices and their influence on wildlife habitat; compared potential land management options for integrated wildlife, forestry and livestock objectives; and demonstrated several sustainable land management options for eastern Oklahoma landowners. Reviewed March 2013.

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  Document E-998 Patch Burning: Integrating Fire and Grazing to Promote Heterogeneity

By John Weir. This publication outlines the importance of fire and grazing for native plant communities, wildlife, and livestock. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document L-318 Eastern Redcedar as a Hazardous Fuel

By Terry Bidwell. This leaflet discusses why Eastern Redcedar is a hazardous fuel. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document L-321 Fire - Myths and Facts

This leaflet answers questions about fire myths, facts, and prescribed fire. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document L-347 Fire Management of Oak Forests for Wildlife

By Jesse Burton, Dwayne Elmore, John Weir, and Terrence Bidwell. This brochure discusses the benefits of prescribed fire to manage oak forests. Reviewed May 2014.

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  Document NREM-2877 Fire Effects in Native Plant Communities

By Terrence Bidwell, Ronald Masters, John Weir, and David Engle. This fact sheet is a review of fire effects on vegetation in Oklahoma. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document NREM-2878 Fire Prescriptions for Maintenance and Restoration of Native Plant Communities

This fact sheet describes how to develop a fire prescription to meet a land management objective. Reviewed February 2013.

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  Document NREM-2880 Prescribed Burn Associations

By John Weir and Terrence Bidwell. This fact sheet is an overview of how and why to start a prescribed fire association. Revised November 2015.

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  Document NREM-2881 Management After Wildfire

By Steve Glasgow and Terrence G. Bidwell. This fact sheet contains information about land management practices that may be used by landowners to implement after experiencing wildfire on their property. Reviewed February 2013.

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  Document NREM-2885 The Best Time of Year to Conduct Prescribed Burns

By John Weir. This fact sheet discusses prescribed burns and the best conditions to conduct one. Reviewed May 2014.

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  Document NREM-2888 Wildfires in Oklahoma

By John Weir, Angela Reid, and Sam Fuhlendorf. This fact sheet discusses the impact of wildfires in Oklahoma, including weather factors and the worst times of year for wildfires to occur. Reviewed May 2015.

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  Document NREM-2890 Firebreaks for Prescribed Burning

By John Weir, Terrence Bidwell, Russell Stevens, and John Mustain. This fact sheet discusses firebreaks used for prescribed burining, including the different types of firebreaks for different situations. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document NREM-2893 Burn Plan for Prescribed Burning

By John Weir, Derek Scasta, Russell Stevens, Terrence Bidwell. This fact sheet discusses how to go about making a burn plan for prescribed burns, ensuring the safest methods.

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  Document NREM-2893-B Burn Plan for Prescribed Burning blank fillable form

This is a supplement to NREM-2893. It is a blank form that can be filled either by hand, or on the computer.

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  Document NREM-2894 Managing Brush Piles

By John Weir and Russell Stevens. This fact sheet discusses burning brush piles, including best time of year, weather conditions, size of the brush pile, as well as other considerations. It also discusses grinding and mulching, or leaving the brush pile for wildlife habitat.

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  Document NREM-2898 App: RxBurnTracker

By John Weir and R. Seth Coffey. This fact sheet discusses a new application called RxBurnTracker for smart phones and tablets, allowing land managers a quick and simple way to monitor and document burn units before, during and after prescribed fires. The main goal of RxBurnTracker is to help land managers determine how effective their prescribed burn was compared to management goals.

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