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  Document AGEC-1062 Algal Blooms in Oklahoma: Lake Warnings

By Tracy Boyer, Brannon Daniels and Richard Melstrom. This fact sheet provides information about blue-green algae at lakes that may pose a risk to people and how to access the warnings issued to protect the public.

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  Document AGEC-1063 Algal Blooms in Oklahoma: Economic Impacts

By Tracy Boyer, Brannon Daniels and Richard Melstrom. This fact sheet provides information about algal blooms at lakes and their potential economic impacts.

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  Document BAE-1526 Natural Stream Restoration and Enhancement

By Jeri Fleming, Jason Vogel and Alex McLemore. This Fact Sheet will describe the make-up of a stream corridor, common conventional stabilization techniques, the natural stream restoration and enhancement process with specifics of the design component, and an example of natural stream restoration in Oklahoma.

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  Document CR-9202 Grass Carp for Pond Weed Management

By Marley Beem. This current report describes how grass carp can be used for weed management in ponds. Reviewed May 2014.

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  Document HLA-6454 Sustainable Landscapes: Designing a Rain Garden for Residential Property

By Qing Lana Luo, David Hillock and Michael Holmes. This fact sheet discusses the components, design, construction, benefits and plant selection for rain gardens.

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  Document L-466 Aquatic Herbicides: Essential Information for New Applicators

By Marley Beem. This leaflet aims to highlight important things to know when using aquatic herbicides. This is a quick reference to the most important issues when using aquatic herbicides.

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  Document NREM-100 Water Gardens - A Low Management Approach

This factsheet offers advice on water garden planning and management. It should be accompanied by SRAC-435, which provides additional needed details. Reviewed September 2016.

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  Document NREM-101 Are Herbicides Safe to Use in My Pond?

By Marley Beem. This Fact Sheet discusses reasonable precautions when considering the use of herbicides to treat aquatic plants, and dispels worries from misunderstanding about aquatic herbicides.

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  Document NREM-5034 Water Quality Series: Riparian Forest Buffers

By Steven Anderson and Ron Masters. This fact sheet is intended to identify the benefits of riparian areas, describe the various riparian systems in Oklahoma, and suggest appropriate management practices to help maintain them.

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  Document NREM-9210 Neighborhood and Urban Pond Management

By Marley Beem. This fact sheet discusses common urban pond problems and how to address them. Reviewed July 2014.

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  Document NREM-9211 Pond Plants: Weeds or Beneficial?

By Marley Beem. This Fact Sheet aims to help rural and urban pond owners maintain the right amount and types of plants so they can enjoy a pleasing pond appearance, better fishing and longer pond life.

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  Document NREM-9212 Keep Your Pond in Good Condition

By Marley Beem. Without maintenance, pond life is shortened and major repairs are often needed. This Fact Sheet aims to provide a simple set of steps to ensure the investment for the pond is protected.

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  Document NREM-9213 Toxic Blue-Green Algal Blooms

By Marley Beem and Elisabeth Giedt. This fact sheet discusses blue-green algal blooms and the toxic effects on animals. 

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  Document NREM-9215 Key Facts for Prospective Aquaponics Producers

By Marley Beem. This fact sheet discusses important information about aquaponics, which combines indoor culture of fish with the production of plants, most often vegetables or herbs.

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  Document SRAC-360 Aquatic Weed Management: Control Methods

By Marley Beem. This fact sheet discusses control and prevention of weeds in the pond.  Reviewed September 2016.

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  Document SRAC-361 Aquatic Weed Management: Herbicides

By Marley Beem. This fact sheet discusses the use of herbicides in the control of aquatic weeds. Reviewed June 2014.

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  Document SRAC-435 Water Gardens

By Michael Masser. This fact sheet discusses planning and construction of a water garden, including choosing plant and fish types. Reviewed June 2014.

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