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  Document E-947 Invasion of Oklahoma Rangelands and Forests by Eastern Redcedar and Ashe Juniper

By Terrence Bidwell, David Engle, Mark Moseley, and Ronald Masters. This circular discusses eastern redcedar and ashe juniper and how it effects wildlife, ecosystems, water quality, forage production for livestock, rangeland, and also control measures.  Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document L-439 Water Use by Eastern Redcedar

By Chris Zou, Rodey Will, Donald Turton and David Engle. This brochure discusses the use of water by redcedars, and how it affects the water quality and quantity of watersheds.

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  Document L-443 Signs and Symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer

By Eric Rebek. This leaflet discusses the signs and symptoms of Emeral Ash Borer. Color photos are included for specific identification.

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  Document NREM-2874 Ecology and Management of Sericea Lespedeza

Sericea Lespedeza has become an invasive and noxious weed in Oklahoma. This fact sheet discusses the effects and control of Sericea Lespedeza. Reviewed February 2013.

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  Document NREM-2895 Problem Horticultural Plants

By Dwayne Elmore, Karen Hickman and Kimberly Holmes. This fact sheet discusses horticultural plants (some available for purchase) to be avoided for use in the home garden. They are a problem to ecological integrity, agriculture production, clogging of waterways, and costs to landowners to remove.

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  Document NREM-5054 The Oklahoma Redcedar Resource and Its Potential Biomass Energy

By Craig McKinley. This fact sheet summarizes a recent study directed toward the amount of energy potentially available in Oklahoma's eastern redcedar. Reviewed September 2015.

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