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  Document Document EPP-7001 Common Ticks of Oklahoma and Tick-Borne Diseases

By Justin Talley, Deborah Jaworski, Bruce Nodenm Katherine Kocan, and Susan Little. This fact sheet describes the life cycles, types, and various diseases caused by the ticks of Oklahoma. Revised June 2014.

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  Document EPP-7155 Nectar and Pollen Plants of Oklahoma

This fact sheet discusses the major sources of nectar and pollen for beekeepers. Reviewed January 2014.

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  Document HLA-6430 Landscaping to Attract Butterflies, Moths, and Skippers

This fact sheet discusses the best way to landscape for attracting butterflies, moths, and skippers. Included is a chart of suggested trees, shrubs, annual, and perennials.

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  Document HLA-6435 Landscaping and Gardening for Birds

Attracting birds to landscapes and outdoor areas is an activity that can bring much enjoyment to the entire family. This fact sheet includes suggestions for types of trees, shrubs, and plants to attract birds. Revised April 2013.

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  Document NREM-100 Water Gardens - A Low Management Approach

This factsheet offers advice on water garden planning and management. It should be accompanied by SRAC-435, which provides additional needed details. Reviewed September 2016.

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  Document NREM-2896 Determining Sex and Reproductive Status of Rodents

By Marie-Eve Jacques, Karen McBee and Dwayne Elmore. This Fact Sheet illustrates how

to sex and determine the reproductive status of mice and rats.

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  Document NREM-2897 Managing for Small Mammal Diversity

By Marie-Eve Jacques, Karen McBee, and Dwayne Elmore. This fact sheet discusses small mammals (rodents, moles and shrew-like species), that provide important ecological services, without which many ecosystems could not function properly.

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