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  Document HLA-6427 Ornamental and Garden Plants: Controlling Deer Damage

By David Hillock, Kimberly Toscano, and Dwayne Elmore. This fact sheet discusses deer behavior, different methods to control the damage they can do to a yard and/or garden, and the types of yard and garden plants they commonly eat. Reviwed January 2015.

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  Document NREM-9001 Controlling Pocket Gophers

By Terrence Bidwell. This fact sheet discusses the control of pocket gophers.  Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document NREM-9014 Prairie Dog Ecology and Management in Oklahoma

By Amber Breland, Dwayne Elmore, Larry Wiemers, and Terry Bidwell. This fact sheet discusses black-tailed prairie dogs, including their habitat, how to control their population, as well as the benefits of having them on your land. Reviewed July 2016.

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