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  Document E-998 Patch Burning: Integrating Fire and Grazing to Promote Heterogeneity

By John Weir. This publication outlines the importance of fire and grazing for native plant communities, wildlife, and livestock. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document NREM-2581 Reseeding Marginal Cropland to Perennial Grasses, Forbs, and Legumes

By Terry Bidwell. This fact sheet was designed to acquaint land managers with options relative to establishing and managing permanent vegetative cover on marginal cropland. Reviewed March 2013.

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  Document NREM-2884 How Eastern Redcedar Encroachment Effects the Water Cycle of Oklahoma Rangelands

By Chris Zou, Don Turton, and Dave Engle. This fact sheet provides basic concepts about the linkages among climate, vegetation, and hydrological processes to evaluate the potential issues of redcedar encroachment. Reviewed July 2015.

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  Document NREM-2886 Stocking Rate Determination on Native Rangeland

By Terry Bidwell, Dwayne Elmore, and Karen Hickman. This fact sheet addresses stocking rates on native forages. Revised October 2013.

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  Document NREM-2889 Protecting Open Lands in Farms and Ranches from Development Through Conservation Easements

By Michael Patton, Laura Goodman, David Engle, Terrence Bidwell and Dusti Crase. This fact sheet discusses how conservation easements can protect land for wildlife. Revised August 2016.

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  Document NREM-2891 Native Hay Meadow Management

By Terry Bidwell, Daren Redfearn, and Brandon Reavis. This fact sheet management practices for native hay meadows.

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  Document NREM-2892 Management of Sand Sagebrush Rangelands

By Eric Thacker, Dwayne Elmore, Brandon Reavis, and Terry Bidwell. This fact sheet provides basic ecology of sand sagebrush and guidance on how management will impact sand sagebrush plant communities. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document NREM-2895 Problem Horticultural Plants

By Dwayne Elmore, Karen Hickman and Kimberly Holmes. This fact sheet discusses horticultural plants (some available for purchase) to be avoided for use in the home garden. They are a problem to ecological integrity, agriculture production, clogging of waterways, and costs to landowners to remove.

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  Document NREM-9015 Impacts of Lead Ammunition and Sinkers on Wildlife

By Dwayne Elmore, Don Wolfe and Kevin Allen. This document is intended to provide information to sportsmen/women on the impacts of lead on wildlife species from recreational sport hunting and fishing. Revised September 2014.

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  Document NREM-9016 Options for Expiring Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Land

By Dwayne Elmore, Terry Bidwell, Karen Hickman, and Rod Wanger. This fact sheet discusses options for the landowner with an expiring CRP acreage. Reviewed May 2014.

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  Document PSS-2594 Plan Grazing Management Using the Oklahoma Grazing Stick

By Alex Rocateli. The objective of this Fact Sheet is to support producers estimating forage production in a rotational grazing system by mastering the use of the Oklahoma grazing stick to properly modify herd size and number of grazing days.

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