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  Collection Fire Ecology and Management 20
  Collection Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology 10
  Collection Forest Ecology and Management 15
  Collection Rangeland Ecology and Management 13
  Collection Wildlife Ecology and Management-departmental list 15
  Document E-993 Oklahoma's Native Vegetation Types

By Ronald Tyrl, Terrence Bidwell, Ronald Masters, Dwayne Elmore, and John Weir. This circular discusses vegetation types native to Oklahoma. Reviewed November 2014.

9 MB
  Document NREM-9015 Impacts of Lead Ammunition and Sinkers on Wildlife

By Dwayne Elmore, Don Wolfe and Kevin Allen. This document is intended to provide information to sportsmen/women on the impacts of lead on wildlife species from recreational sport hunting and fishing. Revised September 2014.

518 KB
  Document WREC-101 Eastern Redcedar Encroachment and Water: Update of 2010 Research

By Chris Zou. Encroachment of Eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana, redcedar) into Oklahoma grasslands is thought to substantially alter local and regional water budgets. This perception assumes that redcedar, compared to herbaceous plants, uses more water in the canopy and extracts deep soil water thereby increasing water loss from evapotranspiration, particularly during winter when grasses are not transpiring.

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  URL Natural Resource Ecology and Management Department website link 0