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  Collection Fruits & Nuts-lawn, yard, & garden 56
  Collection Gardening with Children 2
  Collection Greenhouses-lawn, yard, & garden 11
  Collection Insects-lawn, yard, & garden 43
  Collection Ornamental 59
  Collection Plant Diseases-topical 36
  Collection Soils & Soil Fertility-lawn, yard, & garden 43
  Collection Turfgrass-lawn, yard, & garden 30
  Collection Vegetables-lawn, yard, & garden 40
  E-917 Propagation of Ornamental Plants for Oklahoma

By Mike Schnelle, David Hillock, Bruce Dunn and Janet Cole. This circular discusses propagation techniques for different types plants.

4 MB
  EPP-7327 Plant Viruses Infecting Cannas

By Jeanmarie Verchot and Punsasi Rajakaruna. This fact sheet discusses plant viruses infecting cannas and management methods. Included are photos for easy identification.

1 MB
  EPP-7329 Rose Rosette Disease

By Jennifer Olson and Eric Rebek. This fact sheet discusses the symptoms, disease cycle and management for rose rosette disease. It includes color photos.

4 MB
  HLA-6440 Homeowner Garden Design Series: Planning the Landscape

By Kimberly Rebek and Michael Holmes. In this fact sheet you will learn how to conduct a site evaluation, identify design objectives and create a rough landscape plan. Revised January 2013.

1 MB
  HLA-6441 Homeowner Garden Design Series: Elements and Principles of Design

By Kimberly Toscano and Michael Holmes. This fact sheet will help you in understanding the elements of design and the guiding principles used to bring the elements of line, texture and form together in creating a harmonious, unified landscape. Revised January 2013.

2 MB
  HLA-6444 Drought-Tolerant Plant Selections for Oklahoma

By Courtney Keck, Samantha Snyder, Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder, Mike Schnelle, and Justin Moss. This fact sheet provides a list of drought-tolerant plants that is separated by annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, vines, groundcover, shrubs, trees, and turfgrasses.

149 KB
  L-432 Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

By Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder and Justin Q. Moss. This brochure includes tips for landscape maintenance by season.

1 MB
  L-433 Plant Selection Factors

By Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder and Justin Q. Moss. This brochure discusses the five plant selection factors when choosing plants for your landscape.

1 MB
  L-434 Irrigation

By Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder and Justin Q. Moss This brochure discusses irrigation of the home lawn and garden, including some water saving tips.

1 MB
  L-435 Improving Soil Quality

By Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder and Justin Q. Moss. This brochure discusses how to determine the type of soil you have in your lawn and garden as well as ways to improve the quality.

1 MB
  L-436 All You Need to Know About Mulch

By Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder and Justin Q. Moss. This brochure discusses the types and benefits of mulch and how to properly apply it. Revised July 2014.

1 MB