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  Document Document AGEC-267 Funding for Small-Scale Farms: Tips for Grant and Loan Proposals

By Damona Doye and Sara Siems. Obtaining funding for an agricultural enterprise or activity requires planning and preparation. The tips provided in this Fact Sheet are designed to enhance the likelihood of success in getting funding.

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  Document AGEC-323 Valuation of Raised Breeding Livestock

By Damona Doye. This fact sheet explains the valuation methods for raised breeding livestock and is a supplement to fact sheets in the financial statement series. Revised October 2015

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  Document AGEC-751 Developing a Cash Flow Plan

By Damona Doye and Brent Ladd. A cash flow plan is a recorded projection of the amount and timing of all cash inflows and cash outflows expected to occur throughout the planning period. A blank form is provided for users. Revised January 2017.

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  Document AGEC-752 Developing a Balance Sheet

By Damona Doye and Brent Ladd. The balance sheet indicates the financial position of the farm business at a particular point in time. A blank form is provided for users. Revised November 2017.

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  Document AGEC-765 Use Tax for County Government

By Notie Lansford, Jack Frye, and Stan Ralstin. The purpose of this fact sheet is to answer the fundamental questions about a county use tax. Revised October 2014.

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  Document AGEC-771 Trusts: Uses and Considerations

By JC Hobbs. Trusts have many potential uses, including avoidance of probate, minimization of income taxes, minimization of estate taxes, and management of assets for minors and others incapable of managing their business affairs. Revised December 2014.

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  Document AGEC-773 Probate

By JC Hobbs. This fact sheet discusses probate in settling and estate–either with or without a will. Reviewed December 2014.

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  Document AGEC-782 Wills: Requirements and Considerations

By JC Hobbs. This fact sheet discusses wills–what to consider and the requirements of a will in Oklahoma. Reviewed December 2014.

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  Document AGEC-784 Real Estate Ownership in Oklahoma

By JC Hobbs. This fact sheet discusses some of the common forms of real estate ownership and the rights associated with those ownership forms. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document AGEC-793 Developing an Estate Plan

By JC Hobbs. This Fact Sheet is designed to help individuals begin to develop plans that meet their needs. Discussion will focus on planning procedures and alternative estate planning tools. Revised December 2014.

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  Document AGEC-795 Ad Valorem Taxes

By Notie Lansford. This fact sheet discusses all of the ad valorem taxes, and their purposes. Revised June 2014.

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  Document AGEC-937 Consolidated Financial Statements

By Damona Doye. This fact sheet addresses issues related to farm financial statements, such as personal versus business assets and liabilities, non-farm income, withdrawals, credit card debt, and savings and investments. Revised February 2013.

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  Document AGEC-938 Owner Equity Section

By Randy True and Damona Doye. This fact sheet defines some accounting terms which are used in conjunction with owner equity. Revised February 2013.

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  Document AGEC-939 Deferred Taxes

By Damona Doye, J.C. Hobbs, and Randy True. Deferred taxes are a potentially significant, but often overlooked, liability in the balance sheet. Instructions for estimating deferred taxes and example calculations are included. Revised September 2014.

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  Document E-726 Estate Planning — A Simplified Guide for Oklahoma Farm and Ranch Families

By J C. Hobbs. This circular is intended to furnish basic information about the problems existing, to point out the many alternatives that are available, and to encourage more families to make adequate plans. Major emphasis in this circular will be placed on minimization of disposition costs. Careful estate planning under legal advice can reduce probate expenses and tax losses. Revised January 2016.

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  Document E-823 The Oklahoma Farm Family Account Book

By Damona Doye. This circular provides a record-keeping system to help make better decisions, verify income and expenses, and complete your tax forms. Revised September 2016.

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  Document T-4149 El rompecabezas financiero: Uniendo todas las piezas

By Sissy Osteen. The Spanish version of The Financial Puzzle: Putting the pieces together.


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  Document T-4149 The Financial Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

By Sissy Osteen. This fact sheet includes worksheets that help a family determine where they are financially, where they want to be, and how to get there. Revised Octobe 2016.

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  Document T-4201 Couples and Money: Let's Talk about It

By Sissy Osteen and Rachel Neal. This publication contains information to assist couples with communication and relationship issues surrounding money. Reviewed June 2013.

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  Document T-4316 El rompecabezas financiero: Metas, decisiones y planes

By Sissy Osteen. This fact sheet provides information about setting financial goals, making financial choices, and making plans to reach the goals.

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