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  Document AGEC-1050 What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

By Brian Whitacre, Lara Brooks, Jeff Hackler, Denna Wheeler, and Chad Landgraf. This fact sheet discusses the Affordable Care Act, choosing a health insurance provider from the national exchange, the cost, subsidies, and navigating the healthcare.gov website.

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  Document AGEC-194 Farmers in Transition: Taking Charge in Stressful Times

By Damona Doye, Tracy Hyer, and Ross Love. This fact sheet identifies needs of farm families faced with significant changes in their business way of life. The value of a support system is discussed and ways of strengthening it are suggested. Revised August 2016.

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  Document AGEC-196 Farmers in Transition: Finding a New Career

By Damona Doye. This fact sheet describes three essential steps in an effective job career search for farmers looking for a new career. Revised August 2016.

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  Document AGEC-197 Coping with Restructuring or Sale of the Family Farm

By Damona Doye. This fact sheet discusses the stresses associated with restructuring or selling the family farm and ways to overcome those stresses. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document T-2014 Teaching Children about Emotions

By Cara Bosler and Laura Hubbs-Tait. This fact sheet gives the definition of emotional intelligence and includes tips on what to do and what not to do to teach your child about emotions and coping.

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  Document T-2141 Building Character

Through character education we can strengthen the parenting role, improve the quality of life, and develop a civil American society.

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  Document T-2233 Balancing Family and Work

By Mary Lawler, Jo Robertson, and Kitty Hankins. This fact sheet provides helpful information on how dual-earner and single-parent families can balance the competing needs of both family and work. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document T-2234 Transitioning Through Divorce: The Six Types of Divorce

By Mary Lawler. This fact sheet provides information regarding six different types of divorce. By learning about the processes, you may be able to move through each type of divorce more successfully. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document T-2235 Transitioning Through Divorce: Grieving the Lost Marriage

By Mary Lawler. This fact sheet is intended to help- individuals have a "good divorce"-where you maintain at least the same level of emotional well-being as before the divorce. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document T-2236 Transitioning Through Divorce: Five Steps to a "Good" Divorce

By Mary Lawler. How to have a "good" divorce. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document T-2237 Wellness for Older Adults in Daily Life

This fact sheet focuses on wellness for older adults and recommends how daily activities can contribute to overall health. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document T-2239 Tips for Successful Stepfamilies: GO SLOW

by Ron Cox. This fact sheet discusses the unique challenges facing bringing two families together, and offers ideas on how to overcome these challenges.

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  Document T-2240 Tips for Successful Stepfaimilies: Help! I'm a Stepparent!

By Ron Cox. This fact sheet discussess how to transition into a stepparent role.

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  Document T-2241 Tips for Successful Stepfamilies: Moving Your Marriage from Surviving to Thriving - Part 1

By Ron Cox.  This fact sheet discusses some tips for building a strong and stable stepfamily by focusing on the marital relationship.

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  Document T-2242 Tips for Successful STepfamilies: Moving Your Marriage from Surviving to Thriving - Part 2

By Ron Cox. This fact sheet discusses how to become a team in marriage, which ultimately benefits the children (or stepchildren).

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  Document T-2245 Tips for Working with an Uncooperative EX!: Why Forgiveness is Key

By Ron Cox. This fact sheet discusses how forgiveness in a divorce helps the end of the relationship easier.

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  Document T-2246 Life and Challenges of Low-Income Couples Living in America: A Resource Guide for Relationship Educators

By Ron Cox. This fact sheet discusses the special problems low-income couples face.

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  Document T-2324 Guiding Young Children Series: Relationships Come First-Then Look at Discipline

By Cara Bosler and Laura Hubbs-Tait. Discipline is one of the biggest problems that every parent faces. This fact sheet discusses effective ways to discipline children. Revised June 2016

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  Document T-2381 Co-Parenting Series - Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Plans

By Elaine Wilson. The fact sheet/work sheet for Co-Parenting classes helps parents think about how they want to structure their roles. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document T-2383 Protecting Infants and Toddlers from Positional Asphyxia: Car Seats and Sling Carriers

By Laura Hubbs-Tait and Gina Peek. This fact sheet discusses how to keep babies and toddlers safe when in car seats or sling carriers.

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