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  Document AGEC-1020 On-Farm Biodiesel Production Regulatory Guide

By Shannon Ferrell, Daniel Skipper, and Blake Jackson. This fact sheet discusses the regulations concerning on-farm biodiesel production. Reviewed April 2017.

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  Document BAE-1402 Solar Electric Systems for Homeowners

By Robert S. Frazier. This fact sheet discusses solar electric systems for homeowners. Revised June 2015.

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  Document BAE-1403 Setting Priorities for Home Energy Improvements

By Robert Scott Frazier. This fact sheet discusses ways to reduce expenses on home energy bills. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document BAE-1404 Understanding Electric Utility Billing

By Robert Scott Frazier. This fact sheet discusses electric utility rates, and how understanding them can help reduce usage, saving money. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document BAE-1405 Energy Saving Scams

By Robert Scott Frazier. This fact sheet discusses potential energy savings scams and how to avoid losing money to them.

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  Document BAE-1407 Poultry Ventilation Fan Maintenance and Energy Savings

By R. Scott Fraizer. This Fact Sheet discusses proper maintenance of poultry ventilation fans to increase energy savings.

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  Document BAE-1408 True Cost of Energy Comparisons - Apples to Apples

By Scott Frazier. This Fact Sheet discusses the basics of “common point of use” energy cost analysis and comparison using dollars per MMBtu. A simple on-line calculator is referenced that allows users to compare different energy sources, costs and equipment efficiencies to make cost decisions.

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  Document BAE-1409 Understanding Energy Efficiency Measures for Heating and Cooling Systems

By Scott Frazier. This Fact Sheet discusses the terms “Btu,” “SEER,” “HSPF” and “AFUE,” along with some other pertinent heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) topics.

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  Document BAE-1410 The Importance of Residential and Commercial Building Insulation

By Scott Frazier. This Fact Sheet discusses some of the basic issues one should investigate when considering an insulation project, including thickness and types of insulation.

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  Document BAE-1745 Ethanol Fuel Basics

By R. Scott Frazier. This fact sheet discusses the three primary ways in which ethanol fuel is produced. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document BAE-1752 Anaerobic Digestion: Biogas Utilization and Cleanup

By Robert Scott Frazier, Douglas Hamilton, and Pius M. Ndegwa. This fact sheet discusses anaerobic digestion as a method for animal manure disposal that can also be beneficial to power engines, generators, heaters, etc. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document E-1033 Wind Energy Leasing Handbook

By Shannon Ferrell.  This handbook discusses wind energy leasing. Topics include understanding the electrical power industry, wind power industry, wind energy agreements, and impacts of wind leasing projects.

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  Document FAPC-172 Carbon Strategy for the Food Industry

By Tim Bowser. The purpose of this fact sheet is to introduce the reader to the major concepts of carbon strategy in the food industry and list some proactive steps to develop an effective carbon management plan. Reviewed July 2017.

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  Document HLA-6417 Landscaping for Energy Conservation

This fact sheet discusses how to landscape properly for maximum energy conservation in summer and winter. It also gives a list of suggested plants for specific purposes. Reviewed July 2015.

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