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  Collection Child Care Aware Series 11
  Document T-2014 Teaching Children about Emotions

By Cara Bosler and Laura Hubbs-Tait. This fact sheet gives the definition of emotional intelligence and includes tips on what to do and what not to do to teach your child about emotions and coping.

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  Document T-2324 Guiding Young Children Series: Relationships Come First-Then Look at Discipline

By Cara Bosler and Laura Hubbs-Tait. Discipline is one of the biggest problems that every parent faces. This fact sheet discusses effective ways to discipline children. Revised June 2016

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  Document T-2325 Guiding Young Children Series: Why Children Misbehave

Children misbehave for many reasons. The information given in this fact sheet will help you understand why your child misbehaves.

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  Document T-2326 Guiding Young Children Series: To Prevent Misbehavior

It is easier to keep misbehavior from happening than to deal with it as it happens or afterward. This fact sheet discusses techniques promoting good behavior,

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  Document T-2327 Guiding Young Children Series: Responses to Misbehavior

This fact sheet discusses method to deal with misbehavior.

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  Document T-2328 Guiding Young Children Series: Encouraging Self-Control

This fact sheet discusses methods used to teach children self-control.

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  Document T-2329 Guiding Young Children Series: Discipline Without Punishment

This fact sheet discusses how to discipline children.

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  Document T-2380 Child Care Instructions

By Debbie Richardson. This fact sheet includes a checklist for parents to leave a child care provider. Revised September 2009.

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  Document T-2381 Co-Parenting Series - Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Plans

By Elaine Wilson. The fact sheet/work sheet for Co-Parenting classes helps parents think about how they want to structure their roles. Reviewed August 2014.

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  Document T-2383 Protecting Infants and Toddlers from Positional Asphyxia: Car Seats and Sling Carriers

By Laura Hubbs-Tait and Gina Peek. This fact sheet discusses how to keep babies and toddlers safe when in car seats or sling carriers.

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  Document 妊娠期营养 妊娠期饮酒

This is a Chinese version of Alcohol and Pregnancy.

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  Document 妊娠期营养 妊娠期保持活动

This is the Chinese version for Activity and Pregnancy.

616 KB