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  Document CR-2784 One- and Two-pass Herbicide Programs for Italian Ryegrass Control in Winter Wheat, 2010-2011

By Joe Armstrong. This current report discusses herbicides on Italian Ryegrass. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document CR-6241 Commercial Apple Insect and Disease Control

By Jackie Lee and Phil Mulder. This current report contains information about the application and timing, pests involved, quantity of material needed per acre, and comments to protect commercial apple trees from insects and diseases. Revised May 2015.

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  Document CR-7193 Management of Insect Pests in Rangeland and Pasture

By Tom Royer and Justin Talley. This current report discusses insects and mite pests of rangeland and pasture and their control. Revised June 2017.

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  Document CR-7667 Management of Insect and Mite Pests in Canola

By Tom Royer and Kristopher Giles. This fact sheet discusses insects and mite pests of canola and their control. Revised August 2017.

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  Document E-958 Suggested Herbicides for Roadside Weed Problems

By Lydia Calhoun and Clayton Hurst. Included is a list of recommended herbicide treatments to control the more common rights-of-way weed problems in Oklahoma. These recommendations have been developed in Oklahoma State University research trials to assist Oklahoma Department of Transportation personnel in managing state highway system roadsides but can be adapted to work in most vegetation management programs. Revised November 2016.

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  Document EPP-221 Private Applicator Pesticide Recordkeeping Requirements for Livestock Production

By Brad Kard, Kevin Shelton, and Charles Luper. Keeping records of pesticide use. Revised March 2013.

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  Document EPP-7306 Ornamental and Lawn Pest Control for Homeowners

By Eric Rebek and Mike Schnelle. This fact sheet describes some common arthropod pest problems encountered on various ornamentals and turfgrasses in Oklahoma, and suggestion for control. Revised December 2015.

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  Document EPP-7322 Grasshopper Control in Gardens and Landscapes

By Tom Royer and Eric Rebek. This fact sheet discusses grasshopper damage, management, and control. Revised September 2012.

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  Document EPP-7334 Banker Plants for Control of Greenhouse Pests

By Tracey Payton Miller, Eric Rebek and Mike Schnelle. Banker plants consist of a non-crop host plant harboring a natural enemy, and in most cases an alternate non-pest prey. Banker plants provide a pre-emptive means of biological control via improved crop habitat, alternative food and/or alternate host insects to sustain natural enemies.

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  Document EPP-7450 Safe Use of Pesticides in the Home and Garden

By Jackie Lee. This fact sheet discusses the different types of pesticides and their proper selection, use, and storage. Revised June 2015.

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  Document EPP-7451 Agricultural Pesticide Storage

By Jackie Lee, Charles Luper and Kevin Shelton. This fact sheet describes the storage of pesticides for non-homeowners. Revised January 2014.

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  Document EPP-7453 Pesticide Certification Training Series: First Aid for Pesticide Poisoning

By Jackie Lee and Scott Schaeffer. This fact sheet discusses pesticide poisoning?how to recognize it, treat it, and prevent it. Revised July 2015.

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  Document EPP-7457 Toxicity of Pesticides

By Brad Kard, Kevin Shelton, and Charles Luper. This fact sheet discusses the various ways pesticides can enter the body, as well as label identification and safety factors. Revised March 2013.

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  Document EPP-7461 Pesticides in Residential Areas-Protecting the Environment

By Brad Kard, Kevin Shelton, and Charles Luper. This fact sheet presents factors that affect pesticide loss to the aquatic environment, discusses toxicity of pesticides, and offers advice for reducing the environmental impact of the pesticides used in residential areas. Revised March 2013.

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  Document EPP-7462 Rinsing and Disposing of Pesticide Containers

By Jacki Lee. Both Federal law and Oklahoma law require pesticide applicators to rinse all empty pesticide containers properly before disposal. This fact sheet discusses the proper methods. Revised December 2013.

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  Document HLA-6707 El Uso y la Seguridad de Pesticida en el Vivero y en el Invernadero

By Mike Schnelle, Janet Cole, Charles Luper, and Jim Criswell. This fact sheet discusses the safe use of pesticides (Spanish version). This includes the storage, disposal, and proper equipment for pesticide use. Reviewed March 2013.

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  Document HLA-6707 Pesticide Use and Safety in the Nursery and Greenhouse

By Mike Schnelle, Janet Cole, Charles Luper, and Jim Criswell. This fact sheet discusses the safe use of pesticides. This includes the storage, disposal, and proper equipment for pesticide use. Reviewed March 2013.

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  Document HLA-6710 Integrated Pest Management in Commercial Greenhouses: An Overview of Principles and Practices

IPM is a multi-dimensional approach to pest control. It requires understanding of the greenhouse as an entire unit, an ecosystem unto itself. This ecosystem must be kept in balance. Temperature, relative humidity, and both pest and biocontrol agent populations must all be monitored. Strict sanitation must be maintained. If one component becomes unbalanced, the rest of the system suffers. Careful records of these components will help the manager correct small problems before they damage the balance in the greenhouse. Maintaining this balance is the key to successful IPM programs. Revised April 2013.

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  Document HLA-6711 IPM – Scouting and Monitoring for Pests in Commercial Greenhouses

By Mike Schnelle. This fact sheet explains how to best monitor and scout for pests in the greenhouse using IPM methods. Revised April 2013.

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  Document PSS-2779 Diagnostic Service to Test for Herbicide-resistant Weeds in Oklahoma

By Misha Manuchehri. This fact sheet discusses the diagnostic services offered to test for herbicide-resistant weeds. Revised August 2017.

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