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  Document BAE-1115 Aeration System Maintenance

By Carol Jones. This fact sheet discusses maintenance for aeration systems. It includes a helpful checklist.

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  Document BAE-1117 Are you "Sweeping" Your Grain Bin Safely?

By Carol Jones. Grain bin sweeps are an important part of the unloading process of grain bins. With planning, training and coordination, the risks that are inherent in working inside grain bins can be reduced. This fact sheet discusses measures to ensure safety of workers.

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  Document BAE-1204 Comparative Energy Costs for Irrigation Pumping

By Scott Fraizer. This fact sheet discusses the different types of irrigation pumps and how to effectively compare the energy costs of each type of system. Revised January 2014.

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  Document BAE-1290 Grain Handling Automation and Controls

By Carol Jones. Grain handling and storage has undergone changes due to great advancements in automation and computer technology during the past three or four decades. This fact sheet discusses these changes and how to use them to make grain facilities more productive, safer and more profitable. Revised September 2016.

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  Document BAE-1527 Surface Irrigation Systems

By Saleh Taghvaeian. This Fact Sheet provides general information on key aspects of surface irrigation systems.

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  Document BAE-1535 Review and Operational Guidelines for Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeters

By Blessing Masasi, Scott Frazier and Saleh Taghvaeian. This fact sheet describes the general characteristics and principles behind two main types of portable ultrasonic flowmeters currently available in the market and used for both laboratory and field applications: transit-time and doppler ultrasonic flowmeters.

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  Document BAE-1746 Ethanol Gasoline Blends and Small Engines

By R. Scott Frazier. This fact sheet presents information so consumers can decide if using ethanol blended fuels is appropriate for them. Also included are some basic suggestions to mitigate some possible problems that might exist. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document BAE-1766 Selecting the Proper GPS Guidance System for Your Operation

By John Long. This fact sheet discusses the many different things to consider when selecting a GPS guidance system for a farming operation.

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