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  Document ANSI-8220 On-Farm Mortality Composting of Livestock Carcasses

By Josh Payne and Brian Pugh. Livestock mortality is an issue faced by every livestock farming operation, both large and small. For many producers, carcass disposal options are limited, can be costly, and may temporarily disturb the land needed for grazing. Improper disposal of dead animal carcasses and the resulting leach­ate (carcass fluids) can negatively impact surface water and groundwater quality. One state approved procedure that livestock producers may not be familiar with is composting. By definition, composting is a controlled biological decomposition process that converts organic matter into a stable, humus-like product. While backyard composting systems have a well-blended mixture of components (carbon and nitrogen), which results in a rapid compost cycle, livestock composting is a slower process. Composting livestock carcasses is characterized by the break down of a large centralized nitrogen source (carcass) that is surrounded by a carbon source (bulking agent). Reviewed June 2013.

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  Document BAE-1739 Movement of Odors Off-Farm

This fact sheet discusses the movement of odors off of the farm area, and how weather factors affect the dispersion. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document E-1033 Wind Energy Leasing Handbook

By Shannon Ferrell.  This handbook discusses wind energy leasing. Topics include understanding the electrical power industry, wind power industry, wind energy agreements, and impacts of wind leasing projects.

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  Document EPP-7461 Pesticides in Residential Areas-Protecting the Environment

By Brad Kard, Kevin Shelton, and Charles Luper. This fact sheet presents factors that affect pesticide loss to the aquatic environment, discusses toxicity of pesticides, and offers advice for reducing the environmental impact of the pesticides used in residential areas. Revised March 2013.

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  Document HLA-6448 Backyard Composting in Oklahoma

By David Hillock. This fact sheet discusses how to compost, and the different types of compost bins used. Revised May 2016

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