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  Document AGEC-1050 What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

By Brian Whitacre, Lara Brooks, Jeff Hackler, Denna Wheeler, and Chad Landgraf. This fact sheet discusses the Affordable Care Act, choosing a health insurance provider from the national exchange, the cost, subsidies, and navigating the healthcare.gov website.

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  Document AGEC-197 Coping with Restructuring or Sale of the Family Farm

By Damona Doye. This fact sheet discusses the stresses associated with restructuring or selling the family farm and ways to overcome those stresses. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document AGEC-213 Farm Family Decision-Making

By Damona Doye. Good decision-making is an active process in which the manager is aggressively and personally involved. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document AGEC-751 Developing a Cash Flow Plan

By Damona Doye and Brent Ladd. A cash flow plan is a recorded projection of the amount and timing of all cash inflows and cash outflows expected to occur throughout the planning period. A blank form is provided for users. Revised January 2017.

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  Document AGEC-752 Developing a Balance Sheet

By Damona Doye and Brent Ladd. The balance sheet indicates the financial position of the farm business at a particular point in time. A blank form is provided for users. Revised November 2017.

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  Document AGEC-753 Developing an Income Statement

By Lori Shipman, Damona Doye, and rent Ladd. This fact sheet explains how to prepare farm income statements. A blank form for developing an income statement is provided. Instructions are given for an example farm. Revised January 2017.

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  Document CR-324 Quicken® for Farm and Ranch Financial Records

By Damona Doye. This fact sheet provides an overview of features in a popular personal record-keeping system that can be adapted for farm use. Revised November 2014.

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  Document FAPC-199 Nutrition Facts Panel Changes: Combating an Old Problem with a New Look

This fact sheet oullines the changes the Food & Drug Administration is proposing to Nutrition Facts labels. These changes help consumers better understand the nutritional value of what they are buying and later eating.

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  Document L-451 Light at Night

By Paulette Hebert, Mihyun Kang and Gina Peek. This leaflet discusses how light at night may cause sleep problems, which can lead to health and other problems.

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  Document L-452 Sunlight and Health Issues

By Paulette Hebert, Janice Hermann, Mihyun Kang, and Gina Peek. This leaflet discusses health issues caused by sunlight.

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  Document T-2014 Teaching Children about Emotions

By Cara Bosler and Laura Hubbs-Tait. This fact sheet gives the definition of emotional intelligence and includes tips on what to do and what not to do to teach your child about emotions and coping.

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  Document T-2383 Protecting Infants and Toddlers from Positional Asphyxia: Car Seats and Sling Carriers

By Laura Hubbs-Tait and Gina Peek. This fact sheet discusses how to keep babies and toddlers safe when in car seats or sling carriers.

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  Document T-4150 Getting Your Records in Order: Organizing Household Records

By Sissy Osteen. This fact sheet discusses how to organize your household records for ease of use, and in case of emergency, including how long to keep certain records, and how to store them. Revised April 2016.

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  Document T-4153 Understanding Long-Term Care

By Eileen St. Pierre. This fact sheet discusses long-term care, including the different types, options for long-term care, and paying for long-term care. Revised July 2016.

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  Document T-4154 The Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance

By Eileen St. Pierre. This fact sheet discusses long-term care insurance, including different features that may work best in different situations. Revised September 2014.

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  Document T-4156 Life Insurance

By Eileen St. Pierre. This fact sheet discusses the different kinds of life insurance, how much you may need, basic policy provisions, and how to purchase life insurance. Revised September 2014.

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  Document T-4157 The Financial Puzzle: Using Credit Wisely

By Brooke Kusch and Sissy Oseen. When it comes to the financial puzzle, credit can be a good tool when it is used wisely. Knowing when to use credit and when to limit your use is important in maintaining financial security.

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  Document T-4158 The Financial Puzzle: Credit Reports and Scores

By Brooke Kusch and Sissy Osteen. Many consumers do not understand credit reports and how they affect credit scores. This fact sheet discusses credit reports and scores and what they may mean to you.

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  Document T-4201 Couples and Money: Let's Talk about It

By Sissy Osteen and Rachel Neal. This publication contains information to assist couples with communication and relationship issues surrounding money. Reviewed June 2013.

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  Document T-5142 Senior Cohousing

By Melinda Lyon, Mihyun Kang, Desiree Gregory, and Gina Peek. This fact sheet discusses cohousing for seniors and how it might be beneficial. Revised July 2014.

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