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  Collection Agribusiness 87
  Collection Family 21
  Collection Farm 76
  Collection Marketing & Outlook 39
  Collection Tax Management & Financial Planning-economics 34
  Document CR-1016 Economic Impact of Conservation Dollars in Oklahoma

By David Shideler, Robert W. Toole & Clay Pope. This report documents the potential economic impact generated from federal and state funding of conservation projects throughout Oklahoma. The analysis uses input-output techniques to estimate the multiplier effect of conservation funding by conservation practice. This information will help local and state conservation district administrators and other interested persons understand the economic significance of conservation projects in their locale. Revised 08/11

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  Document E-823 The Oklahoma Farm Family Account Book

By Damona Doye. This circular provides a record-keeping system to help make better decisions, verify income and expenses, and complete your tax forms. Revised September 2016.

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  Document T-4155 Wills and Trusts

By Eileen St. Pierre. This fact sheet discusses wills and trusts (revocable and irrevocable) for better handling of your estate, plus other ways to leave assets outside of a will. Reviewed May 2015.

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  Document T-4156 Life Insurance

By Eileen St. Pierre. This fact sheet discusses the different kinds of life insurance, how much you may need, basic policy provisions, and how to purchase life insurance. Revised September 2014.

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  Document T-4157 The Financial Puzzle: Using Credit Wisely

By Brooke Kusch and Sissy Oseen. When it comes to the financial puzzle, credit can be a good tool when it is used wisely. Knowing when to use credit and when to limit your use is important in maintaining financial security.

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  Document T-4158 The Financial Puzzle: Credit Reports and Scores

By Brooke Kusch and Sissy Osteen. Many consumers do not understand credit reports and how they affect credit scores. This fact sheet discusses credit reports and scores and what they may mean to you.

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  Document T-4227 Paying for College

By Sissy Osteen. This fact sheet discusses how to prepare and pay college expenses, including savings, financial aid, and prepaid tuition. Revised July 2016.

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