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  Document CR-6605 2014 Oklahoma Turfgrass Sod Source Directory

By Dennis Martin, Steve Batten, Justin Moss and David Hillock. This directory was created to assist potential sod buyers in locating sources of turfgrass sod available in Oklahoma. Revised July 2014.

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  Document CR-6609 2015 Commercial Sources of Buffalograss Seed, Sod and Plugs

By Dennis Martin, Justin Moss, David Hillock, and Greg Bell. This current report has a list of commercial sources of buffalograss seed, sod and plugs. Revised March 2015.

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  Document CR-6611 Spring 2014 US Creeping Bentgrass Sod Source Directory

By Dennis Martin and Wenwen Liu. This directory was created to aid buyers in locating creeping bentgrass sod producers in the U.S.

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  Document E-958 Suggested Herbicides for Roadside Weed Problems

By Lydia Calhoun and Clayton Hurst. Included is a list of recommended herbicide treatments to control the more common rights-of-way weed problems in Oklahoma. These recommendations have been developed in Oklahoma State University research trials to assist Oklahoma Department of Transportation personnel in managing state highway system roadsides but can be adapted to work in most vegetation management programs. Revised November 2016.

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  Document EPP-7658 Dollar Spot of Turfgrass

This fact sheet discusses the symptoms, disease cycle and management of dollar spot. Revised April 2013.

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  Document EPP-7665 Spring Dead Spot of Bermudagrass

By Nathan Walker. Spring dead spot is a common and serious disease of bermudagrass. Proper identification of the disease and its cause are the first steps in controlling any disease. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document HLA-6408 Landscape Maintenance Schedule

This fact sheet gives a month-by-month landscape maintenance schedule. Reviewed June 2017.

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  Document HLA-6418 Selecting a Lawn Grass for Oklahoma

By Dennis Martin. This fact sheet was prepared to aid you in selecting the best-adapted turfgrass for your conditions. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document HLA-6419 Establishing a Lawn in Oklahoma

By Dennis Martin and David Hillock. This fact sheet was prepared to describe the necessary steps to properly establish a lawn in Oklahoma. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document HLA-6420 Lawn Management in Oklahoma

By Dennis Martin and David Hillock. This fact sheet was prepared to describe how to properly care for a lawn in Oklahoma. Reviewed June 2017.

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  Document HLA-6600 Turfgrass Management of Bermudagrass Football Fields

By Dennis Martin. This fact sheet discusses how to best manage the turfgrass of football fields. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document HLA-6601 Consumer Broadleaf Weed Control for Lawns in Oklahoma

The information in this fact sheet was prepared to help you identify and control your broadleaf weed problems. Revised June 2017.

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  Document HLA-6604 Thatch Management in Lawns

By Dennis Martin. This fact sheet discusses identifying, causes, preventing, and removing thatch from the lawn. Reviewed May 2014.

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  Document HLA-6612 Turf Irrigation Water Quality: A Concise Guide

By Justin Moss and Michael Kress. This Fact Sheet helps turf managers assess their irrigation water by using four key water properties that are listed on water reports and four key soil properties listed on soil salinity and texture reports.

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  Document HLA-6613 Turf Irrigation Water Quality: A Reference Guide

By Justin Moss, Michael Kress and Andrew Childers. This guide is designed to familiarize people with water quality language and instrumentation.

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  Document HLA-6615 Simple Irrigation Checkup for Home Sprinkler Systems

By Justin Moss and Joshua Campbell.  This fact sheet discusses performing a simple checkup on your irrigation system once each year to identify problems, which can help conserve water resources and reduce water bills.

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  Document HLA-6616 Salinity Management in Home Lawns

By Matthew Barton, Justin Moss and Saleh Taghvaeian. This publication builds a basic foundation for understanding common sources of high salinity and its impact on turfgrass in the home landscape. It also offers several management tips for homeowners to help protect and enhance their lawns in spite of high salinity.

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  Document L-322 Boomless Roadside Herbicide Sprayer Assessment Guide

This is a photo guide for parts of the boomless roadside herbicide sprayer. It also includes a troubleshooting guide for potential problems and suggested corrections. Revised June 2015.

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  Document PSS-2238 Fireplace Ashes for Lawn and Garden Use

This fact sheet describes how fireplace ashes may be safely and beneficially applied to lawn and garden soils. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document PSS-2750 Guide to Effective Weed Control

By Howard Greer. This fact sheet discusses ways to effectively control weeds. Reviewed March 2015.

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