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  Document AGEC-254 Valuing Poultry Litter in Meeting Soil Fertility Requirements

By Eric DeVuyst. This fact sheet discusses a spreadsheet that was developed to help producers place a value on poultry litter in comparison to commercial fertilizers.  Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document B-819 DEQ/OSU Soil Classification Manual

This bulletin provides information for identifying key soil characteristics for design and sizing of individual and small public on-site sewage treatment systems. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document BAE-1522 PPM Plus: A Tool to Aid in Nutrient Management Plan Development

This fact sheet describes a computer model to evaluate water quality consequences of alternative management practices for pastures and row crops. It is user-friendly and intended for use by conservation planners and farm managers.

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  Document CR-2201 Using Biosolids as a Plant Nutrient Source

By Hailin Zhang, Nick Basta, and James Stiegler. Biosolids are recyclable materials that improve soil tilth and fertility and enhance the growth of agricultural, silvicultural, and horticultural crops. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document CR-2270 Impact of Sensor Based Nitrogen Management on Yield and Soil Quality

By Brian Arnall and Bill Raun.  This current report examines a study that was established in 2004 designed to evaluate the sensor based technologies and typical yield goal based management practices.  July 2013.

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  Document CR-2272 Application of Water-base Drilling Mud to Winter Wheat: Impact of Application Timing on Yield and Soil Properties

By Chad Penn and Jason Warren. This current report discusses applying water-base drilling mud to winter wheat and its effects. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document CR-2274 Oklahoma Agricultural Soil Test Summary 2009-2013

By Hailin Zhang and Barbara McCray. This summary may provide a valuable index of the soil fertility status of Oklahoma farmland, but soil samples need to be collected and analyzed for an individual field to better manage soil fertility and to correct soil acidity problems.

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  Document CR-2277 Applying Nitrogen-Rich Strips

By Brian Arnall and Bill Raun. This current report discusses the value of nitrogen-rich strips on the farm. It includes how they are used and how, when, were and how much to apply.

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  Document E-1003 Oklahoma Homeowner's Handbook for Soil and Nutrient Management

By Hailin Zhang and William Raun. This circular includes information for interpreting and diagnosing the needs and problems of soil and nutrient management encountered in the yard and garden. Revised June 2016.

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  Document E-1039 Oklahoma Soil Fertility Handbook

This handbook includes information about soil problems, fertilizer, soil research, precision nutrient management and much more.

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  Document E-996 No-Till Cropping Systems in Oklahoma

By Jason Warren and many others. This circular discusses the benefits; equipment needed; economics; weed, disease and insect management; crops and cover crops of no-till cropping systems.

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  Document EPP-7640 Solar Heating (Solarization) of Soil in Garden Plots for Control of Soilborne Plant Diseases

Solarization controls a wide varity of soil pests and should be compatible with most Integrated Pest management (IPM) programs. Revised May 2013.

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  Document EPP-7664 Soilborne Diseases of Peanut

By John Damicone. The purpose of this fact sheet is to describe these diseases, to aid growers in their identification, and to provide general suggestions for their management. Revised March 2014.

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  Document EPP-7670 Detection, Conservation, and Augmentation of Naturally Occurring Beneficial Nematodes for Natural Pest Suppression

By Carmen Greenwood and Eric Rebek. This fact sheet discusses beneficial nematodes that occur naturally in the soil, and how they can help control certain pests. Revised February 2013.

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  Document HLA-6005 Mulching Garden Soils

Mulching Oklahoma garden soils may be one of the most valuable cultural practices of gardening. This fact sheet discusses the different types of mulch, how long it will be effective, as well as other characteristics.

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  Document HLA-6007 Improving Garden Soil Fertility

This fact sheet gives suggestions how to best improve the soil for maximum plant quality in the garden. Revised May 2014.

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  Document HLA-6436 Healthy Garden Soils

This fact sheet describes how gardeners can create healthy garden soils in their own gardens. Revised July 2015.

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  Document L-241 Testing Services and Price List: Soil, Water & Forage Analytical Laboratory

This brochure describes the services, and prices, provided by the Soil, Water & Forage Analytical Laboratory. Revised December 2013.

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  Document L-249 Soil Testing...the Right First Step

This brochure discusses what a soil test is, when you should have your soil tested, and the benefits of a soil test. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document L-297 Interpreting Soil Salinity Analyses

By Hailin Zhang. This brochure explains the soil test results recieved from the OSU Soil, Water, and Forage Analytical Laboratory. Reviewed July 2016.

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