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  Document BAE-1518 Water Quality Series: Capturing and Recycling Irrigation Runoff as a Pollution Prevention Measure

By Shanda Wilson and Sharon von Broembsen. This fact sheet discusses capturing and recycling runoff water and how this can prevent pollution in drinking and other water supplies.

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  Document CR-6718 Management of Insects and Mites in Greenhouse Floral Crops

ByEric Rebek and Raymond Cloyd. This fact sheet briefly discusses minimum Integrated Pest Management practices to reduce pest populations in greenhouses. It also includes an extensive chemical list to keep pests under control. Revised June 2017.

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  Document CR-7092 Management of Insects and Mites in Tree Nurseries

By Eric Rebek. This current report includes information and pesticide recommendations for insects and mites in tree nurseries. Revised June 2016.

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  Document EPP-7090 Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Monitoring

By Jen Olson and Mike Schnelle. Rapid diagnostic tests allow for fast and accurate disease diagnostics in greenhouse, nursery and field settings. Revised September 2017

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  Document EPP-7334 Banker Plants for Control of Greenhouse Pests

By Tracey Payton Miller, Eric Rebek and Mike Schnelle. Banker plants consist of a non-crop host plant harboring a natural enemy, and in most cases an alternate non-pest prey. Banker plants provide a pre-emptive means of biological control via improved crop habitat, alternative food and/or alternate host insects to sustain natural enemies.

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  Document HLA-6450 LED Grow Lights for Plant Production

By Taylor Mills and Bruce Dunn. This fact sheet discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using LED grow lights for plant production.

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  Document HLA-6700 Greenhouse Structures and Coverings

By Michael Schnelle and John Dole. This fact sheet contains information on types of greenhouses, foundations, structural components, framing materials, coverings, and shading compounds.

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  Document HLA-6701 Locating the Greenhouse

By Michael Schnelle and John Dole. This fact sheets is intended to guide the builder in selecting the site for the greenhouse, but it also can be used as a checklist when buying an existing greenhouse.

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  Document HLA-6703 Greenhouse Floors and Benches

By Michael Schnelle and John Dole. This fact sheet describes common designs, materials, and considerations in choosing floors and benches for greenhouses.

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  Document HLA-6704 Herbicide Injury in the Nursery and Landscape

By Mike Schnelle and Janet Cole. Weed control is a major budgetary item in nursery and landscape maintenance programs. Reviewed May 2013.

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  Document HLA-6705 The Hobby Greenhouse

By Mike Schnelle, Steve Dobbs, Doug Needham, and John Dole. This fact sheet discusses the types of greenhouses for the hobby gardener, as well as heating, ventilation, and maintenance.

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  Document HLA-6708 Mist Propagation Systems and Humidity Chambers for the Nursery and Greenhouse

By Mike Schnelle, Janet Cole and John Dole. This fact sheet contains information on how to set up a mist propagation system in the nursery and greenhouse. It discusses such items as piping arrangements, nozzle positions, etc.

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  Document HLA-6710 Integrated Pest Management in Commercial Greenhouses: An Overview of Principles and Practices

IPM is a multi-dimensional approach to pest control. It requires understanding of the greenhouse as an entire unit, an ecosystem unto itself. This ecosystem must be kept in balance. Temperature, relative humidity, and both pest and biocontrol agent populations must all be monitored. Strict sanitation must be maintained. If one component becomes unbalanced, the rest of the system suffers. Careful records of these components will help the manager correct small problems before they damage the balance in the greenhouse. Maintaining this balance is the key to successful IPM programs. Revised April 2013.

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  Document HLA-6711 IPM – Scouting and Monitoring for Pests in Commercial Greenhouses

By Mike Schnelle. This fact sheet explains how to best monitor and scout for pests in the greenhouse using IPM methods. Revised April 2013.

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  Document HLA-6719 Use of Optical Sensors to Monitor Plant Nitrogen Status in Horticultural Plants

By Rania Basyouni and Bruce Dunn. This fact sheet discusses some different spectral sensors available in the market, including an overview on operating and usage in a greenhouse.

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  Document HLA-6720 High Tunnels

By Bruce Dunn, Magdalena Vinson and Lynn Brandenberger. High tunnels are unheated, plastic-covered hoop-house structures primarily used for growing vegetables, cut flowers or fruit brambles. This fact sheet discusses location, building, irrigation, heating, cooling and pest management of high tunnels.

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  Document HLA-6721 Aquaponics

By Jimi Underwood and Bruce Dunn. This Fact Sheet is to give a basic overview into aquaponics, the combined system of simultaneously grow plants and fish in the same system.

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  Document HLA-6722 Electrical Conductivity and pH Guide for Hydroponics

By Hardeep Singh and Bruce Dunn. This fact sheet discusses hydroponics, which is a method of crop production in which plants are grown without soil, and nutrients required for plant growth, are supplied through liquid nutrient solution.

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  Document HLA-6723 Greenhouse Carbon Dioxide Supplementation

By Megha Poudel and Bruce Dunn. This fact sheet discusses how to supplement carbon dioxide for plants grown in greenhouses. This increases plant growth.

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  Document HLA-6725 Pruning Hydroponic Crops

By Hardeep Singh and Bruce Dunn. Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants in water using inert material like rockwool or perlite rather than soil. Pruning of hydroponic crops is discussed in this fact sheet.

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