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  Document AGEC-860 Keys to Success for Prospective Agricultural Exporters

By Tommy Eshleman. This fact sheet provides sources of information and services to help prospective exporters enter the international marketplace.

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  Document FAPC-102 Selecting and Purchasing Food Processing Equipment

By Tim Bowser. This fact sheet uses a five-step method to simplify the method of selecting and purchasing food processing equipment. Reviewed July 2017.

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  Document FAPC-104 Planning the Engineering Design of a Food Processing Facility

By Tim Bowser. Engineering and desinging a food processing facility takes a lot of planning. This fact sheet lists the different elements important when designing a food processing plant. Reviewed July 2017.

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  Document FAPC-105 Metal Detectors for Food Processing

By Tim Bowser. Food processors should consider a metal detector for product safety, equipment protection, contract requirement, and regulatory compliance. This fact sheet discusses topics regarding metal detection and removal, including how a metal detector works, what can be detected, product conditions, rejection mechanisms, purchase and installation, and metal detection program. Reviewed July 2017.

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  Document FAPC-106 Food Processing Using a Co-Packer

By Rodney Holcomb. Many businesses fail because they run out of money before they make money. Using a co-packer can save a company a lot of money and save it the hassle of the different regulation laws. Reviewed March 2017.

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  Document FAPC-108 Sanitary Pump Selection

By Tim Bowser. Sanitary pumps are used to transport food in processing operations. This fact sheet outlines the steps to select the right pump for the job. Reviewed July 2017

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  Document FAPC-109 Evaluation of Hard White Winter Wheat Breeder Lines for Alkaline Asian Noodles

By Patricia Rayas. This fact sheet discusses the research completed to compare the quality of Alkaline Asian noodles made from advanced breeder lines of hard white winter wheat and white variations grown in Oklahoma. Reviewed March 2017.

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  Document FAPC-110 Container Cleaning in Food Processing Operations

By Tim Bowser. Container cleaning is an important step in the food safety process. A system to clean containers and improve the safety of food products should be established in food processing operations. Reviewed December 2013.

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  Document FAPC-113 Selecting and Purchasing Used Food Processing Equipment

By Tim Bowser. Used equipment can be a valuable time and cost saving alternative for food and agricultural product processing.

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  Document FAPC-116 Guidelines for the Use of Chlorine Bleach as a Sanitizer in Food Processing Operations

By William McGlynn. Dilute mixtures of chlorine bleach and water are a common and cost-effective method for sanitizing equipment in food processing operations. Reviewed October 2016.

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  Document FAPC-117 Choosing and Using a pH Meter for Food Products

By William McGlynn. Monitoring the pH of foods during production may be a vital step in producing a safe, high quality food. Proper pH range is often essential in many of the physical and chemical reactions that take place during food processing. Reviewed October 2016.

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  Document FAPC-121 Process and Facility Sanitation

By Tim Bowser, Jason Young. A general understanding of process and facility sanitation is important of the successful manufacturing of food products. Reviewed July 2017.

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  Document FAPC-124 Helpful Tips for Improving the Visual Appeal of Marketing Materials

By Jim Brooks, Rodney Holcomb, Chuck Willoughby. For companies who outsource the design of their marketing, this fact sheet gives tips to evaluate prospective service providers' portfolios or work examples. Reviewed March 2017.

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  Document FAPC-140 Food Products Labeling Basics

By Darren Scott, Tim Bowser, William McGlynn. The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide the necessary information to enable readers to develop their own food packaging labels that meet all current legal requirements. Reviewed April 2017.

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  Document FAPC-141 Scaling Up Your Food Process

By Darren Scott, Timothy Bowser, William McGlynn. The purpose of this fact sheet is to identify and discuss some of the key issues in the scale-up of food processes. Reviewed March 2017.

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  Document FAPC-142 Steam Basics for Food Processors

By Tim Bowser. The purpose of the fact sheet is to provide an introduction to the basic terminologies and use of steam in food processing. Reviewed July 2017.

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  Document FAPC-143 Do You Want to Buy a Business? Questions You Should Ask

By Jim Brooks. The purpose of this fact sheet is to assist you by providing relevant questions that are important to make an informed business decision when buying a business. Reviewed March 2017.

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  Document FAPC-145 Oriented Strand Board as a Building Material

By Salim Hiziroglu. The fact sheet summarizes basic manufacturing steps of oriented strand board and some of its properties as a building material. Reviewed March 2017.

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  Document FAPC-146 Fundamental Aspects of Kiln Drying Lumber

By Salim Hiziroglu. This fact sheet summarizes the basics of kiln drying wood, the most commonly used methods, drying schedules and some drying defects. Reviewed March 2017.

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  Document FAPC-147 Single-Layer Value-Added Wood Composites from Under-Utilized Species in Oklahoma

By Salim Hiziroglu. This fact sheet summarizes some of the important properties of experimental panels made from particles of whole-tree chipped material of these species, as we as panels made from a mixture of 50 percent Osage orange and 50 percent eastern redcedar. Reviewed March 2017.

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