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  Document ANSI-3168 Interpreting Equine Genetic Defect Testing Results

By Megan Rolf. This fact sheet discusses how five genetic defects are inherited, how to understand the genetic testing results received from AQHA and Animal Genetics, Inc., and the probability of producing an affected horse.

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  Document ANSI-3403 Calculating Placing Scores

By Mark Johnson. This fact sheet explains how to calculate placing scores for livestock competitions.

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  Document ANSI-3915 Training Horses Safely

By Kris Hiney. Horses possess many attributes which make them a species of choice for human companionship and service. Relating to horses requires a knowledge of their behavior. Without this knowledge, involvement with them can be dangerous. Revised April 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3916 Recordkeeping for Horse Breeding Activities

By Kris Hiney. Examples of recordkeeping in this fact sheet will assist in designing records for the horse breeder. Revised September 2016.

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  Document ANSI-3920 Body Condition of Horses

By David Freeman. This fact sheet discusses body condition of horses, how to rate them, and how to improve body condition. Revised February 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3923 Use of By-Product and Nontraditional Feeds for Horses

Kris Hiney Freeman. By-product and nontraditional feeds for horses. Revised September 2016.

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  Document ANSI-3924 Bit Selection for Riding and Training Horses

By David Freeman. The objective of this fact sheet is to assist the inexperienced rider in the selection of bits. Identifying differences in bit construction and understanding some of the important principles of bit use will provide an educated basis for selecting bits. Reviewed September 2016.

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  Document ANSI-3926 A Pictorial Guide to Back Plaiting a Lead Rope

By David Freeman. This fact sheet provides a guide, complete with photos, to back plaiting a lead rope, as well as plaiting a snap to a lead rope. Reviewed September 2016.

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  Document ANSI-3927 Refeeding the Poorly Conditioned Horse

This fact sheet discusses how to feed a horse that is in poor body condition to a successful, healthy weight. Reviewed February 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3928 Evaluating Rations for Horses

By Kris Hiney. This fact sheet provides information on feeds and ration evaluation for horses. Revised October 2016.

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  Document ANSI-3929 Rations for Horses: Nutrients, Feedstuffs and Safety

By David Freeman. This fact sheet helps identify the nutritional basis for decision making for feed selection, specifically safely meeting nutrient needs and following feeding practices that aid digestion. Reviewed February 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3930 Water: The Most Important Nutrient

By Kris Hiney. This fact sheet discusses the water intake for horses.

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  Document ANSI-3931 Optimizing Water Intake

By Kris Hiney. This fact sheet discusses how to ensure adequate water intake for horses.

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  Document ANSI-3932 Common Internal Parasites of the Horse

By Kris Hiney and Elisabeth Giedt. This fact sheet discusses the different parasites found in horses and their control.

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  Document ANSI-3934 Minerals for Horses: Calcium and Phosphorus

By Kris Hiney. This fact sheet discusses calcium and phosphorus, the most common deficient minerals for horses.

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  Document ANSI-3970 Nutritional Concerns for Exercising Horses

By Kris Hiney. This fact sheet discusses the nutritionists' goal to maximize the nutritional impact on exercise, so owners can prioritize exercise and breeding programs which produce and maintain the desired equine athlete. Reviewed September 2016.

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  Document ANSI-3973 Feeding Management of the Equine

By Kris Hiney. The objective of feeding management is to provide a ration with balanced nutrition in a manner which maximizes nutrient utilization while lessening the occurrence of digestive disorders. Revised October 2016.

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  Document ANSI-3974 Reproductive Management of the Mare

By Carolynn MacAllister and David Freeman. This fact sheet discusses the reproductive management of the mare. Reviewed March 2013.

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  Document ANSI-3975 Nutritional Considerations for Broodmares

The successfulness of any breeding program will depend partially on correct nutritional management of broodmares. This fact sheet discusses the nutritional needs of the gestating and lactating mare. Reviewed January 2013.

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  Document ANSI-3977 Managing Young Horses for Sound Growth

By Kris Hiney. This fact sheet discusses the different aspects that effect sound growth in young horses. Revised September 2016.

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