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  Document ANSI-3260 A Planning Calendar for Beef Cattle Herd Health
This fact sheet is designed as an aid for beef cattle producers and their veterinarians in planning a herd disease control program.
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  Document ANSI-3281 Biosecurity in the Beef Cattle Operation
By John Kirkpatrick and Glenn Selk. This fact sheet describes why biosecurity is important, levels of biosecurity, and components of a biosecurity program. Reviewed May 2010.
157 KB
  Document ANSI-3355 Foot Rot in Grazing Cattle
This fact sheet describes the cause, transmission, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot rot in cattle.
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  Document ANSI-3357 Fescue Foot: Identifying and Minimizing the Problem
This fact sheet examines the symptoms, possible causes, and conditions which tend to promote fescue foot, and methods to reduce potential for the disease.
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  Document ANSI-3358 Disease Protection for Baby Calves
This fact sheet discusses advantages of pre-calving cow nutrition and colostrum for disease protection in baby calves.
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  Document ANSI-3927 Refeeding the Poorly Conditioned Horse

This fact sheet discusses how to feed a horse that is in poor body condition to a successful, healthy weight. Reviewed March 2013.

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  Document ANSI-3929 Rations for Horses: Nutrients, Feedstuffs and Safety
By David Freeman. This fact sheet helps identify the nutritional basis for decision making for feed selection, specifically safely meeting nutrient needs and following feeding practices that aid digestion.
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  Document ANSI-3970 Nutritional Concerns for Exercising Horses

This fact sheet discusses the nutritionists' goal to maximize the nutritional impact on exercise, so owners can prioritize exercise and breeding programs which produce and maintain the desired equine athlete. Reviewed January 2013.

96 KB
  Document ANSI-3985 Foaling Management and Care of the Nursing Foal

This fact sheet discusses the various aspects of managing and caring for the newborn foal. Reviewed January 2013.

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  Document ANSI-3999 Livestock Disease – Cause and Control
By Joe Berry. The purpose of this fact sheet is to acquaint livestock producers with some basic facts about diseases, their spread, and ways to minimize losses. Reviewed August 2009.
76 KB
  Document P-1027 Economic Effect of Bovine Respiratory Disease on Feedlot Cattle During Backgrounding and Finishing Phases

By Kathleen Brooks, Kellie Raper, Clement Ward, Ben Holland, Clint Krehbiel, and Douglas Step. This research report discusses the economic impact of Bovine Respiratory Disease in feedlot cattle, and the effectiveness of serum Hp. Reviewed March 2013.

552 KB
  Document PSS-2903 Nitrate Toxicity in Livestock

By Gary Strickland, Chris Richards, Hailin Zhang, and D.L. Step. This fact sheet discusses nitrate toxicity in livestock and how to avoid this deadly problem. Revised March 2013.

109 KB
  Document VTMD-3925 Prevention of West Nile Virus Infection in Horses
By Carolynn MacAllister and Todd Holbrook. This fact sheet discusses the transmission, signs, treatment and prevention of West Nile Virus in horses. Revised April 2010.
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  Document VTMD-3976 Controlling Common Internal Parasites of the Horse

By Elisabeth Giedt. This fact sheet discusses the different internal parasites of horses and their control. Revised February 2014.

61 KB
  Document VTMD-7000 Beef Cattle Ectoparasites
This fact sheet discusses flies, lice, and ticks and their control.
2 MB
  Document VTMD-9100 Vaccines – Their Use, Handling, and Care
This fact sheet describes the types of vaccines and their uses, how to handle them, and how to protect them from elements that could decrease their potency.
108 KB
  Document VTMD-9114 Equine Purchase Examinations
By Carolynn MacAllister. This fact sheet discusses how and why an exam should be given to horses before purchase. Revised January 2010.
115 KB
  Document VTMD-9116 Gossypol Toxicity in Livestock
Gossypol is a toxic compound found in the cotton plant. This fact sheet discusses the effects of gossypol in livestock.
75 KB
  Document VTMD-9119 Equine Vaccination Programs

By Elisabeth Giedt. This fact sheet discusses important equine diseases that vaccines can prevent. Revised January 2014.

58 KB
  Document VTMD-9120 Respiratory Diseases in Horses–What You Can Do to Prevent Them

By Elisabeth Giedt. Early detection of respiratory disease is important for successful treatment and to minimize days lost in training, racing, showing, or poor performance, which often is the greatest cost. This fact sheet discusses the different types of respiratory diseases in horses. Revised January 2014.

72 KB