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  Document E-1036 Factors Influencing Cotton Producers' Choice of Marketing Outlet

By Jason Pace and John Robinson. This report  summarizes the findings from the mail survey titled “How—and How Well—Is Your Cotton Marketed.” The survey was administered to the population of cotton producers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas in the spring of 2012. The objective of this study was to reexamine cotton producers’ cash marketing outlet choices, and what influences those choices, in light of recent changes in price, extreme weather events and changes in worldwide supply and demand.

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  Document E-996 No-Till Cropping Systems in Oklahoma

By Jason Warren and many others. This circular discusses the benefits; equipment needed; economics; weed, disease and insect management; crops and cover crops of no-till cropping systems.

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  Document EPP-7081 Pest Management Needs Assessment for Oklahoma Cotton Producers

By Tanya C. Franke, Kathleen D. Kelsey, and Tom A. Royer. This fact sheet discusses the needs of research and Extension programs benefiting cotton producers. Reviewed July 2013.

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  Document EPP-7161 Field Key to Larvae in Cotton

By Miles Karner and Don Arnold. This fact sheet is a key to identify larvae found in cotton. Reviewed April 2013.

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  Document L-465 New Soybean and Cotton Herbicide Technology Considerations

By Todd Baughman and Misha Manuchehri. This leaflet includes information about soybean and cotton herbicide use.

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  Document PSS-2119 Choosing Which Cotton Varieties to Grow

By Randy Boman. This fact sheet discusses selecting productive cotton varieties; not an easy task, especially in Oklahoma where weather can literally make or break a crop.

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  Document PSS-2158 Cotton Yield Goal - Nitrogen Rate Recommendation

By Brian Arnall and Randy Boman. This fact sheet discusses the recommended rates of nitrogen for cotton. Reviewed May 2015.

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