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  Collection Alfalfa 11
  Collection Canola 23
  Collection Corn & Sorghum 30
  Collection Cotton 8
  Collection Onion
  Collection Peanuts 10
  Collection Soybeans & Mungbeans 17
  Collection Wheat, Barley, etc. 77
  Document CR-2155 Sesame Research at OSU in 2010

By Chad Godsey and Joe Armstrong. This current report discusses sesame research, including nitrogen fertility, row spacing, and weed control. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document CR-2277 Applying Nitrogen-Rich Strips

By Brian Arnall and Bill Raun. This current report discusses the value of nitrogen-rich strips on the farm. It includes how they are used and how, when, were and how much to apply.

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  Document PSS-2160 Spring-planted Oat for Grazing or Hay Production

By Alex Rocateli and David Marburger. This fact sheet discusses planting oats in the spring for grazing or hay production. Revised June 2017.

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  Document PSS-2161 Benefits of Using Cover Crops in Oklahoma No-Till

By Jason Warren, Kevin Meeks and Jeff Edwards. Cover crops can be effective ways to: (1) reduce soil erosion, (2) reduce runoff, (3) reduce evaporation, (4) suppress pests, (5) improve soil and water quality, (6) improve soil fertility by adding nutrients such as nitrogen back into the soil, and (7) serve as forage sources.

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  Document PSS-2273 Using Sunn Hemp as a Cover Crop in Oklahoma

By Jason Warren, Tracy Wilson, and Jeff Edwards. This Fact Sheet will provide information on some of the expected benefits and potential challenges of using sunn hemp as a summer cover crop.

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  Document PSS-2778 Herbicide How-to: Understanding Herbicide Mode of Action

By Joe Armstrong. This fact sheet discusses herbicide mode of action: what it is and how it works as well as how you can make it work best for your situation. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document PSS-2779 Diagnostic Service to Test for Herbicide-resistant Weeds in Oklahoma

By Misha Manuchehri. This fact sheet discusses the diagnostic services offered to test for herbicide-resistant weeds. Revised August 2017.

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  Document PSS-2915 Types of On-Farm Demonstrations

By Jason Warren, Randy Taylor and Jeff Edwards. On-farm demonstrations are a valuable tool in the teaching of new management practices or technologies. Demonstrations allow producers, educators and agency personnel alike to learn how an alternative management option will perform on actual farms at field scale.

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