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  Collection Crops 16
  Collection Forage Grasses 26
  Collection Forage Legumes 12
  Collection Soils & Soil Fertility-Plant & Soil Sciences 67
  Document BAE-1759 Solids Content of Wastewater and Manure

By Doug Hamilton and Hailin Zhang. This fact sheet highlights definitions and relationships among different types of solids in wastewater and manure. Reviewed November 2014.

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  Document CR-2781 Components and Ratios of Pre-mix Herbicides for Use in Soybean

By Joe Armstrong. This current report discusses pre-mix herbicide use in soybean. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document CR-2782 Components and Ratios of Pre-mix Herbicides for Use in Corn and Grain Sorghum

By Joe Armstrong. This current report discusses pre-mix herbicide use in corn and grain sorghum. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document CR-2784 One- and Two-pass Herbicide Programs for Italian Ryegrass Control in Winter Wheat, 2010-2011

By Joe Armstrong. This current report discusses herbicides on Italian Ryegrass. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document E-1021 Oklahoma Forage and Pasture Fertility Guide

By Brian Arnall and Daren Redfearn. This circular is designed to help producers with the complex fertilization questions they face, and it is unique in that it covers simple management practices in addition to a range of complex interactions related to forage and pasture fertility. The primary end-point is that this guide simplifies the complexity into practical situations that can be used by producers. This publication is designed to support forage and livestock producers, Extension educators, and Certified Crop Advisers in effective, profitable and environmentally-sound management decisions regarding forage and pasture fertility practices. It is not a replacement for good management; rather, it is the road map to help good managers get even better. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document E-1027 Poultry Litter Nutrient Management: A Guide for Producers and Applicators

By Josh Payne and Hailin Zhang. When properly managed, poultry litter provides an excellent source of plant nutrients and organic matter for application to pastureland and cropland. Continual applications also may raise the pH of acidic soils in some cases. Many variables affect the overall value and cost of litter to the end-buyer and should be carefully considered before purchasing. Due to air and water quality concerns, regulations and proper nutrient management must be followed to reduce environmental impact. Reviewed November 2014.

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  Document L-430 Land Buyers' Septic System Guide for Oklahoma

By Sergio Abit. This leaflet is meant to be a septic systems guide for initial screening of potential properties to buy.

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  Document NREM-2900 Tools for Rangeland Management and Assessment: Ecological Site Descriptions

By Laura Goodman and Alex Rocateli. This fact sheet has information about ecological site descriptions, which help rangeland managers be more effective at managing different sites.

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  Document NREM-2901 Tools for Rangeland Management and Assessment: Web Soil Survey

By Laura Goodman and Alex Rocateli. This fact sheet discusses the Web Soil Survey, which is now available online.

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  Document PSS-2156 Drill Condition and Wheat Emergence in Oklahoma: A Survey

By Dillon Butchee, Casey Andrews, Jeff Edwards & Randy Taylor. This fact sheet gives on overview of the survey findings during the 2009 and 2010 wheat planting seasons. Reviewed November 2014.

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  Document PSS-2157 Impact of Grazing on Wheat Grain Yield

By Jeff Edwards, Brett Carver and Gerald Horn. This fact sheet helps answer questions regarding the impact of grazing on wheat grain yield. Reviewed December 2014.

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  Document PSS-2267 Organic Matter in No-Till Production Systems

By Alex Cumbie, Jason G. Warren and Brian Arnall. There are many properties influencing soil quality, but one that requires increased attention is soil organic matter. Organic matter is directly related to a number of vital soil functions and can be altered by land management practices. Surface residues protect the soil surface from the detrimental impacts of wind and water erosion. Also, organic materials incorporated into the soil provide an energy source for biological activity, a nutrient source for plants and microbes, and serve as a structural component that improves soil permeability. This Fact Sheet will provide a discussion of these benefits as well as management strategies that increase crop residues and soil organic matter. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document PSS-2268 Alternative Poultry Litter Storage Technique for Improved Handling, Transport, and Application: The "Mass Reduction System"

By Chad Penn, Jeff Vitale, Josh Payne, Jason Warren, and Hailin Zhang. This fact sheet discusses alternative methods for storing and handling poultry litter. Reviewed January 2015.

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  Document PSS-2271 Soil-based Septic System Decisions in Oklahoma

By Sergio Abit, Jr. This fact sheet discusses septic system decisions for Oklahoma, keeping soil qualities in mind.

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  Document PSS-2275 Aerobic Treatment System

By Sergio Abit and John Jones. This fact sheet discusses the installation of aerobic treatment systems, the processes taking place in each component as well as maintenance tips to keep the system in working order.

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  Document PSS-2407 Septic System Basics for Home Builders

By Sergio Abit and Nicholas Huber. This Fact Sheet will focus on the following key topics of septic systems that are useful to homebuilders and their clients: 1) homebuilder responsibilities; 2) important site and soil properties; and 3) various permissible systems.

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