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  Document AGEC-1050 What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

By Brian Whitacre, Lara Brooks, Jeff Hackler, Denna Wheeler, and Chad Landgraf. This fact sheet discusses the Affordable Care Act, choosing a health insurance provider from the national exchange, the cost, subsidies, and navigating the healthcare.gov website.

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  Document AGEC-194 Farmers in Transition: Taking Charge in Stressful Times

By Damona Doye, Tracy Hyer, and Ross Love. This fact sheet identifies needs of farm families faced with significant changes in their business way of life. The value of a support system is discussed and ways of strengthening it are suggested. Revised August 2016.

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  Document AGEC-196 Farmers in Transition: Finding a New Career

By Damona Doye. This fact sheet describes three essential steps in an effective job career search for farmers looking for a new career. Revised August 2016.

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  Document AGEC-197 Coping with Restructuring or Sale of the Family Farm

By Damona Doye. This fact sheet discusses the stresses associated with restructuring or selling the family farm and ways to overcome those stresses. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document AGEC-302 Information Systems for Oklahoma Farmers

By Damona Doye. This fact sheet focuses on the financial record-keeping systems readily available in Oklahoma. Revised September 2016.

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  Document AGEC-771 Trusts: Uses and Considerations

By JC Hobbs. Trusts have many potential uses, including avoidance of probate, minimization of income taxes, minimization of estate taxes, and management of assets for minors and others incapable of managing their business affairs. Revised December 2014.

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  Document AGEC-784 Real Estate Ownership in Oklahoma

By JC Hobbs. This fact sheet discusses some of the common forms of real estate ownership and the rights associated with those ownership forms. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document AGEC-938 Owner Equity Section

By Randy True and Damona Doye. This fact sheet defines some accounting terms which are used in conjunction with owner equity. Revised February 2013.

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  Document E-726 Estate Planning — A Simplified Guide for Oklahoma Farm and Ranch Families

By J C. Hobbs. This circular is intended to furnish basic information about the problems existing, to point out the many alternatives that are available, and to encourage more families to make adequate plans. Major emphasis in this circular will be placed on minimization of disposition costs. Careful estate planning under legal advice can reduce probate expenses and tax losses. Revised January 2016.

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  Document Exploring the potential effectiveness of a state Low Income Housing Tax Credit in Oklahoma

By Jorge Atiles, Sissy Osteen, Gina Peek, Dave Shideler and Brian Whitacre. This report is a result of faculty at Oklahoma State University and Cooperative Extension studying the benefits of the

federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) in Oklahoma since 1987.

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  Document T-1801 Recycle Your Clothes and Fabrics

By Mary Ruppert-Stroescu and Chumnin Lang. This fact sheet discusses different options of recycling clothes, giving them a new "life" as well as keeping them out of landfills.

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  Document T-4149 El rompecabezas financiero: Uniendo todas las piezas

By Sissy Osteen. The Spanish version of The Financial Puzzle: Putting the pieces together.


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  Document T-4149 The Financial Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

By Sissy Osteen. This fact sheet includes worksheets that help a family determine where they are financially, where they want to be, and how to get there. Revised Octobe 2016.

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  Document T-4150 Getting Your Records in Order: Organizing Household Records

By Sissy Osteen. This fact sheet discusses how to organize your household records for ease of use, and in case of emergency, including how long to keep certain records, and how to store them. Revised April 2016.

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  Document T-4155 Wills and Trusts

By Eileen St. Pierre. This fact sheet discusses wills and trusts (revocable and irrevocable) for better handling of your estate, plus other ways to leave assets outside of a will. Reviewed May 2015.

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  Document T-4156 Life Insurance

By Eileen St. Pierre. This fact sheet discusses the different kinds of life insurance, how much you may need, basic policy provisions, and how to purchase life insurance. Revised September 2014.

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  Document T-4157 The Financial Puzzle: Using Credit Wisely

By Brooke Kusch and Sissy Oseen. When it comes to the financial puzzle, credit can be a good tool when it is used wisely. Knowing when to use credit and when to limit your use is important in maintaining financial security.

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  Document T-4158 The Financial Puzzle: Credit Reports and Scores

By Brooke Kusch and Sissy Osteen. Many consumers do not understand credit reports and how they affect credit scores. This fact sheet discusses credit reports and scores and what they may mean to you.

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  Document T-4201 Couples and Money: Let's Talk about It

By Sissy Osteen and Rachel Neal. This publication contains information to assist couples with communication and relationship issues surrounding money. Reviewed June 2013.

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  Document T-4226 Planning for the Future

By Sissy Osteen. This fact sheet describes how to discuss financial and legal matter with elderly parents. Revised September 2014.

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