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  Document CR-6209 Commercial Pecan Insect and Disease Control

By Jackie Lee. This current report gives recommendations for control of insects and diseases of pecans. Revised January 2014.

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  Document CR-6718 Management of Insects and Mites in Greenhouse Floral Crops

ByEric Rebek and Raymond Cloyd. This fact sheet briefly discusses minimum Integrated Pest Management practices to reduce pest populations in greenhouses. It also includes an extensive chemical list to keep pests under control. Revised June 2017.

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  Document CR-7092 Management of Insects and Mites in Tree Nurseries

By Eric Rebek. This current report includes information and pesticide recommendations for insects and mites in tree nurseries. Revised June 2016.

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  Document CR-7195 Commercial Management of Turfgrass Insects and Mites

By Eric Rebek. This current report discusses insects and mites of turfgrass and their control. Revised September 2017.

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  Document CR-7667 Management of Insect and Mite Pests in Canola

By Tom Royer and Kristopher Giles. This fact sheet discusses insects and mite pests of canola and their control. Revised August 2017.

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  Document E-1011 Arthropod Pest Management in Greenhouses and Interiorscapes

By Eric Rebek and Michael Schnelle. This circular discusses arthropod pest management in greenhouses and interiorscapes to prevent costly crop losses. Revised November 2013.

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  Document E-996 No-Till Cropping Systems in Oklahoma

By Jason Warren and many others. This circular discusses the benefits; equipment needed; economics; weed, disease and insect management; crops and cover crops of no-till cropping systems.

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  Document EPP-7086 Hessian Fly Management in Oklahoma Winter Wheat

By Tom Royer, Jeff Edwards, and Kristopher L. Giles. This fact sheet discusses the impact of Hessian Fly in Oklahoma winter wheat. It discusses the life cycle, damage, and inspection and control methods. Revised June 2015.

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  Document EPP-7087 Sampling for Sorghum Headworms in Oklahoma Using the Headworm Decision Support System

By Tom Royer. This fact sheet discusses sorghum headworms including when and how to scout, along with a chart for estimating economic loss. Revised August 2015.

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  Document EPP-7091 Insect Vectors of Pierce's Disease in Oklahoma Vineyards

By Eric Rebek and Lisa Overall.  Pierce's Disease is a serious concern for grape growers because once vines are infected, there is no cure and vines will eventually die. This fact sheet discusses the insects that can infect grape vines and vineyards.

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  Document EPP-7196 Grasshopper Management in Rangeland, Pastures, and Crops

By Tom Royer and Phil Mulder. This fact sheet discusses grasshopper damage, management, and control in rangeland, pastures, and crops. Reviewed May 2015.

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  Document EPP-7307 Beneficial Insects

By Rick Grantham and Don Arnold. This fact sheet discusses benifical insects in the garden.

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  Document EPP-7308 Choosing a Termite Control Service

By Brad Kard. This publication reviews steps which will help you select a termite control service. Revised January 2014.

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  Document EPP-7319 Home Tree Fruit Production and Pest Management

By Jackie Lee, Brian Olson and David Hillock. This fact sheet includes information on growth, care, and treatment of fruit trees commonly grown in residential areas of Oklahoma. Revised May 2015.

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  Document EPP-7334 Banker Plants for Control of Greenhouse Pests

By Tracey Payton Miller, Eric Rebek and Mike Schnelle. Banker plants consist of a non-crop host plant harboring a natural enemy, and in most cases an alternate non-pest prey. Banker plants provide a pre-emptive means of biological control via improved crop habitat, alternative food and/or alternate host insects to sustain natural enemies.

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  Document EPP-7450 Safe Use of Pesticides in the Home and Garden

By Jackie Lee. This fact sheet discusses the different types of pesticides and their proper selection, use, and storage. Revised June 2015.

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  Document EPP-7451 Agricultural Pesticide Storage

By Jackie Lee, Charles Luper and Kevin Shelton. This fact sheet describes the storage of pesticides for non-homeowners. Revised January 2014.

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  Document EPP-7453 Pesticide Certification Training Series: First Aid for Pesticide Poisoning

By Jackie Lee and Scott Schaeffer. This fact sheet discusses pesticide poisoning?how to recognize it, treat it, and prevent it. Revised July 2015.

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  Document EPP-7457 Toxicity of Pesticides

By Brad Kard, Kevin Shelton, and Charles Luper. This fact sheet discusses the various ways pesticides can enter the body, as well as label identification and safety factors. Revised March 2013.

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  Document EPP-7461 Pesticides in Residential Areas-Protecting the Environment

By Brad Kard, Kevin Shelton, and Charles Luper. This fact sheet presents factors that affect pesticide loss to the aquatic environment, discusses toxicity of pesticides, and offers advice for reducing the environmental impact of the pesticides used in residential areas. Revised March 2013.

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