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  Document EPP-221 Private Applicator Pesticide Recordkeeping Requirements for Livestock Production

By Brad Kard, Kevin Shelton, and Charles Luper. Keeping records of pesticide use. Revised March 2013.

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  Document Document EPP-7001 Common Ticks of Oklahoma and Tick-Borne Diseases

By Justin Talley, Deborah Jaworski, Bruce Nodenm Katherine Kocan, and Susan Little. This fact sheet describes the life cycles, types, and various diseases caused by the ticks of Oklahoma. Revised June 2014.

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  Document EPP-7018 Fly Control for Suburban or Small Acreage Horse Owners
This fact sheet discusses fly control for horse owners who live on small acreages. This is a particularly important issue, when neighbors are so close.
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  Document EPP-7019 External Parasites of Goats

This fact sheet discusses external parasites of goats and their control. Revised June 2015.

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  Document VTMD-3976 Controlling Common Internal Parasites of the Horse

By Elisabeth Giedt and Kris Hiney. This fact sheet discusses the different internal parasites of horses and their control. Revised November 2016.

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