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  Document AGEC-1018 Understanding the Different Kinds of Water Addressed by Oklahoma's Water Law

By Shannon Ferrell, Damian Adams, Michael Kizer, Dave Engle, and Cody Ott. This fact sheet discusses the different kinds of water laws in Oklahoma. Reviewed April 2017.

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  Document AGEC-1021 Oklahoma Diffuse Surface ("Runoff") Water Law and Rules

By Shannon Ferrell, Damian Adams, Michael Kizer, Dave Engle, and Cody Ott. This fact sheet discusses Oklahoma diffuse (or runoff) water laws. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document AGEC-856 Groundwater: A Resource for the Future

This fact sheet describes the location, quality, and how to protect Oklahoma's groundwater supplies.

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  Document BAE-1501 Water Measurement Units and Conversion Factors

By Saleh Taghvaeian. The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide basic information on water measurement units and convenient conversion factors. Revised January 2014.

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  Document BAE-1502 Irrigation Water Flow Measurement

By Saleh Taghvaeian. The purpose of this fact sheet is to discuss a few basic methods of water measurement. Revised Novembe 2014.

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  Document BAE-1511 Drip Irrigation Systems

By Saleh Taghvaeian. This fact sheet discusses the benefits of drip irrigation. Revised May 2014.

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  Document BAE-1518 Water Quality Series: Capturing and Recycling Irrigation Runoff as a Pollution Prevention Measure

By Shanda Wilson and Sharon von Broembsen. This fact sheet discusses capturing and recycling runoff water and how this can prevent pollution in drinking and other water supplies.

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  Document BAE-1525 Irrigation Pump System Testing

By Robert Scott Frazier and Carol Jones. This fact sheet discusses efficiency testing of irrigation pumps, which can result in considerable savings per year.

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  Document BAE-1527 Surface Irrigation Systems

By Saleh Taghvaeian. This Fact Sheet provides general information on key aspects of surface irrigation systems.

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  Document Document BAE-1529 Evaporation Losses from Shallow Water Bodies in Oklahoma

By Saleh Taghvaeian and Al Sutherland. This Fact Sheet provides a brief review of available methods for estimating free-water evaporation losses. It then presents evaporation estimates for shallow water bodies in Oklahoma, using the pan evaporation method and monthly Mesonet data.

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  Document BAE-1530 Irrigated Agriculture in Oklahoma

By Saleh Taghvaeian. This fact sheet provides a comprehensive picture of the state of irrigated agriculture in Oklahoma.

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  Document BAE-1531 The Ogallala Aquifer

By Saleh Taghvaeian, R. Scott Frazier, Dustin Livingston and Garey Fox. This fact sheet discusses the Ogallala Aquifer, the primary source of water for many communities throughout the High Plains region.

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  Document BAE-1532 Agricultural Irrigation with Reclaimed Water: Oklahoma Regulation

By Saleh Taghvaeian and Patrick Fox. Things to consider when planning to reuse water for irrigation include; source water quality, source water quantity, crop selection, soil conditions, method of irrigation, economics, potential health effects and existing regulations (EPA, 2012). This fact sheet focuses on Oklahoma regulations.

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  Document BAE-1533 Drought and Its Impact on Agricultural Water Resources in Oklahoma

By Kul Khand, Saleh Taghvaeian and Ali Ajaz. This fact sheet discusses the impact drought has on agriculture. Revised February 2018.

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  Document BAE-1534 Minimizing Stormwater Runoff by Disconnecting Residential Downspouts

By Nelly Ruiz, Jason Vogel and Saleh Taghvaeian. Through downspout disconnection, rooftop runoff is reduced and the flow of stormwater is diverted to the permeable areas of the property to disperse and infiltrate rain water. It is a simple, inexpensive and low-maintenance stormwater control measure.

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  Document BAE-1535 Review and Operational Guidelines for Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeters

By Blessing Masasi, Scott Frazier and Saleh Taghvaeian. This fact sheet describes the general characteristics and principles behind two main types of portable ultrasonic flowmeters currently available in the market and used for both laboratory and field applications: transit-time and doppler ultrasonic flowmeters.

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  Document BAE-1536 Bioretention Cell Design Guidance for Oklahoma

By Alex McLemore, Jason Vogel and Saleh Taghvaeian. This fact sheet discusses bioretention cells (BRC), which are shallow landscape features that capture stormwater runoff. They utilize biological and physical processes to improve stormwater quality and hydrology of a site.

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  Document BAE-1537 Understanding Soil Water Content and Thresholds for Irrigation Management

By Sumon Datta, Saleh Taghvaeian and Jacob Stivers. This fact sheet provides agricultural producers with the basic concepts of soil water and the thresholds utilized for proper interpretation of sensor data for efficient irrigation scheduling. With efficient irrigation management practices, producers can manage and conserve water, maximize the yield of crops and improve economic benefits.

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  Document BAE-1538 Measuring Depth to Groundwater in Irrigation Wells

By R. Scott Frazier, Saleh Taghvaeian and Divya Handa. This fact sheet discusses measuring depth to groundwater in irrigation wells.

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  Document BAE-1742 Vermicomposting – Composting with Worms

By Douglas Hamilton. Vermicomposting is composting with worms. This fact sheet provides information for setting up your own bin.

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