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  Document AGEC-622 Meat Goat Marketing and Price Seasonality

By JJ Jones and Kellie Curry Raper. This fact sheet discusses price patterns and seasonality of meat goats. Revised October 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3287 Livestock Tagging

By Chris Richards and Rusty Gosz. This fact sheet discusses the proper tagging techniques for easy identification and to ensure the tag will stay in place. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document ANSI-3403 Calculating Placing Scores

By Mark Johnson. This fact sheet explains how to calculate placing scores for livestock competitions.

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  Document ANSI-3800 Some Ideas About Crossbreeding Sheep

This fact sheet discusses reasons for crossbreeding sheep as well as good combinations of breeds. Reviewed February 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3801 A Breeding Program for a Fall Lambing Program

The purpose of this fact sheet is to suggest a breeding and lambing schedule and a flock management plan that incorporates successful management practices. Reviewed February 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3855 Electric Fencing for Sheep

This fact sheet discusses the use of electric fencing for sheep. Reviewed February 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3856 Starting a Sheep Enterprise

This fact sheet discusses considerations in starting a sheep operation. Reviewed February 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3858 Internal Parasite Control in Sheep in Oklahoma

Parasites could easily be ranked as the number one health problem in Oklahoma sheep production. If the sheep producers of Oklahoma will apply the principles presented in this fact sheet, they can decrease losses caused by parasites in their flocks. Reviewed Feburary 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3860 Sheep Health and Management

The key to any successful livestock health and management program is planning. The guidelines in this fact sheet were developed for your use with this concept in mind. Reviewed February 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3861 A Planning Calendar for Sheep Herd Health and Management

This calendar is designed to handle the management phases of pre-breeding, breeding, pre-lambing, lambing, and pre-weaning/lactation and post-weaning. Reviewed February 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3863 Sheep Showmanship

This fact sheet discusses what it takes to be successful when youth show sheep at livestock shows. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document ANSI-3864 Meat Goat Showmanship

By Rusty Gosz. This fact sheet discusses the proper techniques for showing meat goats. Reviewed November 2013.

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  Document ANSI-3901 Foot Rot Control

Foot rot is one of the most economically devastating diseases of sheep. This current report discusses the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of foot rot. Revised July 2015.

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  Document ANSI-3902 Spider Syndrome

This fact sheet discusses spider syndrome in sheep. Revised July 2015.

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  Document CR-3802 Flock Improvement Through Ram Selection

In a purebred or commercial flock where replacement females are produced, ram selection is critical and can account for 80 to 90 percent or more of the flock improvement. Revised July 2015.

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  Document CR-3803 Fertility Testing Rams Increases Profits

With the problems that sheep producers face due to epididymitis and infertility in rams it is essential to have a Breeding Soundness Examination (BSE) done on every breeding ram in the flock. Reviewed March 2015.

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  Document Document EPP-7001 Common Ticks of Oklahoma and Tick-Borne Diseases

By Justin Talley, Deborah Jaworski, Bruce Nodenm Katherine Kocan, and Susan Little. This fact sheet describes the life cycles, types, and various diseases caused by the ticks of Oklahoma. Revised June 2014.

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  Document EPP-7019 External Parasites of Goats

This fact sheet discusses external parasites of goats and their control. Revised June 2015.

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  Document NREM-2886 Stocking Rate Determination on Native Rangeland

By Terry Bidwell, Dwayne Elmore, and Karen Hickman. This fact sheet addresses stocking rates on native forages. Revised October 2013.

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  Document PSS-2904 Prussic Acid Poisoning

By Gary Strickland, Chris Richards, Hailin Zhang, and D.L. Step. This fact sheet discusses how livestock are affected by prussic acid poisoning, and the best ways to avoid exposure to it.

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