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  Collection Diseases 36
  Collection Insects-Pest Management 55
  Collection Weeds 18
  Document EPP-7095 Sclerotinia Stem Rot of Canola

By Sharon Andreason, John Damicone and Josh Lofton.  This fact sheet describes Sclerotinia stem rot on canola so it can be recognized by growers and crop advisors and provides general strategies for its management.

2 MB
  Document EPP-7326 Woodborers

By Eric Rebek. This fact sheets discusses different woodborers - how to identify them, the damage caused, and management of each. Reviewed July 2015.

2 MB
  Document EPP-7674 Pine Wilt Disease

By Jennifer Olson, Eric Rebek and Mike Schnelle. This fact sheet discusses Pin Wilt Disease, including symptoms, nematodes, pine sawyer beetles, inspection and control. Color photos included.

3 MB
  Document L-443 Signs and Symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer

By Eric Rebek. This leaflet discusses the signs and symptoms of Emeral Ash Borer. Color photos are included for specific identification.

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