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  Document BAE-1518 Water Quality Series: Capturing and Recycling Irrigation Runoff as a Pollution Prevention Measure

By Shanda Wilson and Sharon von Broembsen. This fact sheet discusses capturing and recycling runoff water and how this can prevent pollution in drinking and other water supplies.

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  Document BAE-1742 Vermicomposting – Composting with Worms

By Douglas Hamilton. Vermicomposting is composting with worms. This fact sheet provides information for setting up your own bin.

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  Document CR-6243 Weed Management in Small Fruit Crops

By Becky Carroll. This current report discusses the best management practices for weeds in small fruit crops. Revised January 2017.

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  Document CR-6605 2014 Oklahoma Turfgrass Sod Source Directory

By Dennis Martin, Steve Batten, Justin Moss and David Hillock. This directory was created to assist potential sod buyers in locating sources of turfgrass sod available in Oklahoma. Revised July 2014.

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  Document E-1037 Drought-Tolerant Plant Selections for Oklahoma

By Courtney Keck, Samantha Snyder, Hannah Wahlmeier, Malarie Gotcher, John Schroeder, Mike Schnelle and Justin Moss. This circular discusses drought-tolerant plants, including, height; width; season of interest; and light, water and soil requirements for each plant listed.

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  Document E-1038 A Guide to Saving Water in the Home Landscape

By Malarie J. Gotcher, John M. Schroeder, Courtney L. Keck, Samantha J. Snyder, David Hillock, Kyle A. Jarman, Jason R. Vogel, Mike Schnelle, Dennis L. Martin, and Justin Q. Moss. This circular is a guide to saving water in your home landscape. It includes information on designing your yard, watering, mulching, plant selection and soil improvement.

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  Document E-917 Propagation of Ornamental Plants for Oklahoma

By Mike Schnelle, David Hillock, Bruce Dunn and Janet Cole. This circular discusses propagation techniques for different types plants.

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  Document E-958 Suggested Herbicides for Roadside Weed Problems

By Lydia Calhoun and Clayton Hurst. Included is a list of recommended herbicide treatments to control the more common rights-of-way weed problems in Oklahoma. These recommendations have been developed in Oklahoma State University research trials to assist Oklahoma Department of Transportation personnel in managing state highway system roadsides but can be adapted to work in most vegetation management programs. Revised November 2016.

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  Document EPP-7323 Managing Storm-Damaged Trees

By Eric Rebek and Mike Schnelle. This fact sheet address many common questions posed by property owners following storm damage. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document EPP-7451 Agricultural Pesticide Storage

By Jackie Lee, Charles Luper and Kevin Shelton. This fact sheet describes the storage of pesticides for non-homeowners. Revised January 2014.

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  Document EPP-7617 Pest Management Series: Powdery Mildews of Ornamentals and Fruit, Shade, and Nut Trees

By Jen Olson. This fact sheet describes how powdery mildew affects ornamentals and certain types of trees. Revised January 2014.

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  Document EPP-7645 Nantucket Pine Tip Moth

By Eric Rebek. This fact sheets discusses the description, damage, prevention, and control of the Nantucket pine tip moth. Revised June 2015.

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  Document EPP-7652 Non-Chemical Methods for Controlling Diseases in the Home Landscape and Garden

By Jen Olson. This fact sheet discusses how to control diseases in the home landscape and garden without using chemicals. Revised January 2014.

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  Document EPP-7665 Spring Dead Spot of Bermudagrass

By Nathan Walker. Spring dead spot is a common and serious disease of bermudagrass. Proper identification of the disease and its cause are the first steps in controlling any disease. Reviewed July 2016.

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  Document FAPC-167 Fresh Produce Production Food Safety Plan Logs and Worksheets

By William McGlynn and Lynn Brandenberger. This fact sheet includes worksheets that serve as templates to cover most of the documentation and record keeping that will occur as part of a typical fresh produce food safety program. Reviewed March 2017.

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  Document FAPC-168 Developing a Food Safety Plan for Your Fresh Produce Operation

By William McGlynn and Lynn Brandenberger. This fact sheet outlines a five step plan to developing a farm food safety plan. Reviewed March 2017.

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  Document HLA-6004 Oklahoma Garden Planning Guide

Well-planned, properly managed home gardens can furnish Oklahoma families with flavorful, high quality, fresh vegetables from spring through fall, as well as for processing or storing for winter. Reviewed July 2015.

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  Document HLA-6005 Mulching Garden Soils

Mulching Oklahoma garden soils may be one of the most valuable cultural practices of gardening. This fact sheet discusses the different types of mulch, how long it will be effective, as well as other characteristics.

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  Document HLA-6007 Improving Garden Soil Fertility

This fact sheet gives suggestions how to best improve the soil for maximum plant quality in the garden. Revised May 2014.

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  Document HLA-6009 Fall Gardening

Successful fall gardening begins much earlier than the fall season. This fact sheet discusses fall gardening guidelines. Revised October 2016.

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