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Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

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  Collection Agricultural Economics
Fact sheets for Agricultural Economics have a prefix of AGEC-(number)
  Collection Animal Science
Fact Sheets for Animal Science have a prefix of ANSI-(number)
  Collection Biosystems & Ag Engineering
Fact sheets for Biosystems & Ag Engineering have a prefix of BAE-(number)
  Collection Entomology & Plant Pathology
Fact Sheets for Entomology & Plant Pathology have a prefix of EPP-(number)
  Collection Family & Consumer Sciences
Fact Sheets for Family & Consumer Sciences have a prefix of T-(number)
  Collection Food & Agricultural Products
Fact Sheets for Food & Agricultural Products have a prefix of FAPC-(number)
  Collection Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Fact Sheets for Horticulture and Landscape Architecture have a prefix of HLA-(number)
  Collection Logos

This folder contains logos used by the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Right click to download--please do not place and "order." There are eps files (vector files) and png files (for Word or PowerPoint). Please use the appropriate logo, even if you cannot open the file (especially for eps). Those who will need the vector format will be able to use them.

  Collection Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Fact sheets for Natural Resource Ecology and Management have a prefix of NREM-(number)
  Collection Oklahoma Water Resources Center 8
  Collection Plant & Soil Sciences
Fact Sheets for Plant & Soil Sciences have a prefix of PSS-(number)
  Collection Veterinary Medicine
Fact Sheets for Veterinary Medicine have a prefix of VTMD-(number)
  Document Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Brochure
This publication is a brochure highlighting some of the many programs Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) offers, using research-based information to provide the public ways to resolve problems, promote leadership, and manage resources wisely. OCES is "Bringing the Unviersity to You."
4 MB
  URL 4-H Youth Development publications 0
  URL Need Adobe Acrobat? Click here for link to free download.
  URL Oklahoma Gardening youtube videos

This site contains videos from the "Oklahoma Gardening" TV show.

  URL SUNUP youtube videos

This site contains clips from the SUNUP TV program.